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Blog Articles


Guidelines for using gizDuino LIN 5V power output

- Understand the behavior and limitations of the onboard 5V power output and avoid common usage pitfalls.

- Know the available options and choose the best according to your application.

Gizduino LIN: Configuring LIN Physical Interface

A short but detailed discussion on the LIN interface pins and how to enable the interface by way of shorting selected solder jumper pads.

PBOT 2018: Using the onboard Servo functions with Ardublock

Servo positioning made easy with Ardublock - a graphical programming GUI made for Arduino. Even grade school children can build programs and have RC type servomotors in control like a pro.

Sketch and Ardublock example codes.

PBOT 2018: IR Collision Sensor with Ardublock

With the PBOT 2018 built-in IR collision sensor, you can program the robot to do a lot of fun things. For example, program it to go from one point to another, avoiding obstacle it encounters along the way all by itself. Make it navigate a maze autonomously.

Sketch and Ardublock example codes.

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