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Controlling PBOT Motors Tutorial

This blog illustrates how to control PBOT mobile robot motors programmatically using Ardublock (A graphical programming language for Arduino), and of course, Arduino.

GizDuino LIN Sneak Preview

A quick look into our latest and upcoming gizDuino variant. This board is 100% Arduino Uno code compatible and sports a lot of new features, including LED logic monitors on ALL I/Os!

Using Ardublock with a gizDuino

Ardublock - a graphical programming GUI made for Arduino - enables your kids to build programs with fairly complex functions in a jiffy, all without writing a single code.

And yes, you can use it just as easily with a gizDuino. This blog article shows you how.

New Robots!

Coming your way this May!

6-legged wheeled all terrain

3-wheeled robot

Proportional steering control Bot

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Featured e-Gizmo Kit
gizDuino LIN

gizDuino LIN is the latest in our series of Arduino Compatible boards. New Features includes:
  • LIN Physical Interface. An automotive serial port that will allow advanced users to control and communicate with LIN enabled car devices.
  • Buffered LED indicators for all I/O ports!
  • Power supply options allows you to use gizDuino LIN under different systems, such as on a single Li-ion battery.
  • 100% Arduino Uno code compatible.




Thermostat 60C 1A NOBimettalic Thermostat in 8-pin DIP size Package1Amp 48VDC-120VAC..


PBOT 2018-D

PBOT 2018-D

PBOT 2018 Disassembled Kit..




Dual 2.5V-5.5V 8MHz Rail to Rail OPAMP Package/Image: MINISOIC-8..




10mR 2W 40ppm/C 5% Current Sensor..



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