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  • LJC18A3 Capacitive Sensor

Capacitive Proximity Sensor
Detects metal ang non metallic objects
Example: Plastic, water, glass, oil, powder, etc
Power: 6V-36VDC
Detection Distance: 1-10mm
Output Switch Type: PNP

Caution: This is a PNP type sensor and will output a logic voltage equal to its power input voltage. Damage to microcontroller boards (e.g. gizDuino & Arduino) will occur if level translating circuit is not present at the microcontroller's inputs.

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LJC18A3 Capacitive Sensor

  • Product Ref: 48896
  • Product Code: 131000002
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  • ₱378.00

Tags: sensor, non ferrous, proximity, plastic, non-metal, capacitive proximity

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