Updated: 11/17/20



A. Unzip all the files.

B. Go to My Documents>Arduino. Create filename “tools” folder then “ArduBlockTool” folder and “tool” folder. Inside the tool folder place the “ardublock-060118.jar“.

Quickest installation of adublock (below):

(Update) -  Install the ardublock - 031319.exe (Double-Click), and Click Yes.

Click "Browse". Go to My Documents> Arduino folder.

then Click Install.

C. Install Prolific Driver, Open Arduino 1.8.5 folder>drivers> PL2303 Drivers.

D. Add the eGizmo PBOT2018 library. Go to My Documents> Arduino> libraries. Place the eGizmo_PBOT2018 folder (which contains examples folder,src,cpp,h, keywords files).

Library files from eGizmo_PBOT2018

E. Now Open your Arduino 1.8.10 IDE

F. The Ardublock shown in Tools list > Click ArduBlock. Done.





sketch, control structures

loop, delays (millis),if,if else, while,do while,repeat,break...

//Pins [Functions]

Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Time, Advanced I/O

read digital pin, analog pin (INPUT), set digital pin (OUTPUT), analog pin, servo, ultrasonic, Dht11, tone, set digital pins...


Comparison Operators, Boolean Operators

greater than, less than, equal to, greater than equal to, less than equal to, not equal to...

//Math Operators

Arithmetic Operators, Math, Random Numbers

addition,subtraction,multiplication,division,remainder,absolute,power,square root, sine,cosine,tangent,random...


Constants, Conversion

Set integer variable, unsigned long, string, boolean, low, high, true, false, double, int, byte, char...


Serial communication, Stream,print, Serial read/write

Serial data available. serial read, serial parseInt, Serial write, Serial print,...

E-GIZMO Blocks(Use for Minibots or Shields or Older PBOT Board)

E-GIZMO PBOT2018 Blocks (Use for new PBOT Board)