Welcome to our new home folks!

It is not just the looks that changed. Plenty of new convenience were added.

More powerful and intuitive search function

 Unlike before where you have to type in a complete word to get results, our new search function will now generate suggestions as you type. This eliminates non results when you mispelled your entry. The search page now also includes filters that you can use to further refine your searches.

Integrated Blog and News

Like this one you are reading right now. Though it does not do layout as beautiful as some full pledge blog apps (e.g. Wordpress), the integration allows more close association to our products, making more information visible and accessible with less click and effort.

Better Product Browsing Experience

Product catalog and useful links are now easier to find and access than ever. Our new drop down menu will show not just the main catalog, it now displays the next level under it. 

And there is More

Product suggestions, products on sale, popular products, and other subtle but useful improvements.

There is still a lot of works that needs to be done. Missing photos, links, and probably some bugs and running adjustments. But our new store theme, we believe, is now ready to serve you.