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15 Apr Welcome to our new home
Chua Henry 0 121
Welcome to our new home folks!It is not just the looks that changed. Plenty of new convenience were added.More powerful and intuitive search function Unlike before where you have to type in a complete..
13 Apr Kto12 Young Learner's Robot: Kids can Program Robots!
Chua Henry 0 226
Kids can program robots. Parents, if you find that statement incredulous, modern technology may have left you far behind. Of course, your kids can program robots. What is just missing is a robot they ..
12 Apr Free Workshop Offers for Educators
Chua Henry 0 128
We are offering a one-day workshop with lesson plans for teachers free of charge. Following are our workshop offerings. Course 1: gizDuino LIN-UNO (Arduino UNO) Quick Start Guide Course Duration : 1 d..
12 Apr gizDuino Uno-SE: Low priced Arduino Uno Compatible Board Made for Students.
0 176
You asked for it. You got it.There has been a growing clamor from students for us to build a truly low cost Arduino UNO compatible board, one that has all the functionalities of the Arduino UNO* , but..
16 Feb 16-Channel Servo Controller Arduino Library
mercado roma 0 105
Demo Video:Materials:1 x gizDuino LIN (Arduino UNO), 1 x USB cable1 x 16 Channel Servo Controller1 x Servo Softstarter kit3 x 1pin Male – Female jumper wires2  x 1pin Male – Male jumper wires*1 x 7V 4..
22 Nov Using 2x16 LCD Module with I2C Interface Board on a gizDuino
mercado roma 0 83
2x16 LCD with I2C SerialDemo Video:On this video shows you how easy to use the LCD 2×16  with I2C Serial Interface and wired to gizDuino LIN-UNO using only I2C 2 -wires SDA and SCL pins.Materials Need..
15 Nov LCMX02 FPGA Breakout Board Quick Start Guide (VHDL examples)
mercado roma 0 73
Our new FPGA’s (Field Programmable Gate Arrays):LCMX02 FPGA Breakout Board Hardware ManualLook at our new e-Gizmo FPGA LCMX02 Breakout Board.On this short video, it shows you the output after the prog..
27 Oct DIY Christmas Decoration Project
mercado roma 0 49
Demo VideoIn this project, we will show you how  the Christmas/LED lights accompany the song. Using gizDuino LIN-UNO, piezo buzzer.Materials:gizDuino LIN (Arduino UNO), USB cable1 x Serial LCD II5 x 1..
26 Oct eGizmo Serial LCD Library for Arduino
mercado roma 0 17
Demo VideoIn this project, we will use the Serial LCD II for displaying a message to display using  gizDuino LIN-UNO and Serial LCD Library.WHAT IS SERIAL LCD II?Is an interface board that allows you ..
15 Oct Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Programming example
mercado roma 0 23
Demo VideoIn this project the Ultrasonic Sensor read and write the distance in the serial monitor...
15 Oct Radar
0 25
RadarDemo VideoIn this project, we will create a radar that can detect an object within a 4 cm radius on a given angle interval using the gizDuino LIN.WHAT IS A RADAR AND HOW DOES IT WORK?A radar stan..
08 Oct hello, world! with LCD 2×16
mercado roma 0 13
hello, world! with LCD 2×16Demo VideoIn this project we are going to display the “Hello World” message on the LCD display. Also on the LCD display shows the time in seconds since the gizDuino LIN is r..
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