Demo Video:



Servo Softstarter -to- 16 Channel servo controller
CON1 (7-12V DC with 3A-4A) Input Supply
VOUT(+)  --> Power (+)
VOUT (-) --> Power (-)
16 Channel Servo -to- gizDuino LIN-UNO
(P1) TX --> D2
RX --> D3
Servo Motors -to- 16-Channel Servo Controller
Orange*, Red,Black --> S2
Note:* Always face the orange color or the signal pin 
       of servo wire at the center of the board.


eGIZMO 16 Channel servo LIBRARY:

Download eGizmo_16ChannelServo Library!

(Examples: ServoKnob,ServoSweep,ServoTest)

How to add the Library?

Add the eGizmo 16ChannelServo library. Go to My Documents> Arduino> libraries. Place the "eGizmo_16ChannelServo" folder (which contains examples folder,src,cpp,h, keywords files).

Code for ServoSweep: