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Brand: Think
Industrial Hi Torque DC Motor with gear boxOperating Voltage: 24VDC Nominal, 6VDC-24VDCRPM at rated load: 210RPMRunning Torque: 294 mN-m (3kgf-cm) @ rated loadCurrent: 800mA (loaded), 270mA (No load) Power: 6.47WDiameter: 37mmLenght: 80mm (up to shaft base)Shaft Diameter: 6mm, flattedShaft Lenght: 3..
Green Neon Light 220VACDiameter approx 7mmWith Wires..
Female to Female Header Wire 20-pins 2 x 10Wire type: RibbonPitch: 2.54mmWire Lenght: 570mmWith Shrinkable tube cover..
Ferrite Rings OD21 x ID12.5 x T6 mmUsed mainly for RFI suppresion on wires/cables..
Male/Female 8 core Dsub-9 Extension CableLength: 2M26AWGNote: No connection on pin 7..
Detachable AC Power Cord 1.8M 3 Prong3xAWG16 wires, 13A 125/250VAC3 prong molded UL plug3 prong molded Receptacle..
3 to 2 prong Adapter Plug with Ground wireHeavy duty UL plug type..
47uF 35V SMD Tantalum Package/Image: eia7343-40..
22uF 16V SMD Tantalum Capacitor Package/Image: eia7343-30..
Fine strand (42 strands) premium AWG22 x 1.8MHighly flexible, can withstand repeated flexingRed = 1.8M (2 yards)Black= 1.8M (2 yards)For a combined lenght of 3.6M..
GT2 Idler Timing Pulley with bearingNumber of Teeth: 20Pitch: 2mmWidth: 6mmBore: 5mm..
Brand: Philflex
4 core Jacketed Wire0.65mm/AWG 22 x4Solid pure copperPrice shown per meter lenght. Note: People are using these as well for their solderless breadboard experiments..
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