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Nylon Wire Twist Clip
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Nylon Wire Twist Clipd12mm Twist Clip17mm Standoffd5mm mounting insert..
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Arduino Mega Compatible CH340 USBWith free USB CableNote: This board uses a different USB chip (compared to the original Arduino Mega)that may require you to software install its drivers, depending on the OS you are using...
Dual,Low Noise, Precision 16V Opamp- CMOS Rail-to-Rail Dual Amplifiers- Low offset voltage: 175 µV maximum at VSY = 5 V- Low supply current: 275 µA maximum per amplifier- Single-supply operation: 5 V to 16 V- Low noise: 23 nV/vHz- Low input bias current: 300 fA- Unity-gain stable Package/Image: SOI..
0-12.5MHz Direct Digital SynthesisSine/Triangle/Square wave Function GeneratorBased on AD9833 ChipSPI Interface This is a AD9833 breakout board.Additonal support components are needed to build a complete stand alone Function Generator Sample Sketch Link..
3-Band Equalizer/Tone Control ModuleLow cost transistor tone control with Bass, Mid, and Treble controlsSupply Voltage: 6-15VDCBass Control: +/- 10dB at 100HzMid Control: +/- 10dB at 1KHzTreble Control: +/- 10dB at 10KHzInsertion Loss: 2dBRecommended Input Level: 1Vrms @ 12V Supply VoltageTHD: 0.2% ..
LCD Module 2 lines x 16 char BLUEWith Backlight16 pins Standard..
8ohms 2W Rectangular Frame Speaker40W x 20L x 8H mmAlnico Magnet..
Heatsink Black Anodized37W x 33L mm1.2mm thick folded aluminum..
72.65x72.65x6mm HeatsinkSolid AluminumCan be machined for other applications..
Crimper for 4,6,8 poles Modular PlugWith LAN Cable outer jacket remover and Wire Stripper..
17V 5V 0.5A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Package/Image: DPAK..
LCD with I2C I/F 2x16 LCD with I2C I/F 2x16
-43 % By Order
2x16 LCD Module with I2C BoardLimited Stock.Visit the e-Gizmo TechBlog! for more info. Click here!..
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