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Brand: MBL
Timing BeltPitch: 2mmCircumference: 550mmWidth: 10mmGenuine MBL Belt..
Brand: Bando
Timing BeltPitch: 2mmCircumference: 220mmWidth: 10mmGenuine Bando Belt..
Brand: Toshiba
Dual 30V 6A 30.5mR Vgth=1.2V N Channel..
PTC Resetable fuse 2AHolding Current: 2ATrip Current: 3.5AVmax: 8VDCPd= 0.8 TYPTime to Trip: 2sec @ 8AResistance: 0.02R Package/Image: F_1812..
Precision TimerAstable/monostable operation200mA output sink/source4.5V-16V VCC Package/Image: SOIC-8..
150V 13A 0.295R P Ch Package/Image: DPAK..
Hex non-inverting HIGH-to-LOW level shifter Package/Image: TSSOP-16..
Hex non-inverting HIGH-to-LOW level shifter Package/Image: SOIC-16..
Quad 2-Input NAND Gate. Package/Image: TSSOP-14..
SIM808 GSM+GPRS Development BoardGPS + GSM GPRS in onePackaged with GPS and GSM Antenna..
Uno R3 Compatible with DIP ATMEGA328P- with ATMEGA16u2 programmed as USB Bridge- USB Cable included..
NodeMCU-32S IOT Development Voard- ESP32 WIFI Module- Powerful 32-bit processing Tutorial link..
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