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"Aluminum Heatsink 54x65x34mmDimensions Reference --> Click Here"..
EHS-28 Aluminum Heatsink 25x25x9.9mm
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"Aluminum Heatsink 25x25x9.9mmDimensions Reference --> Click Here"..
EHS-32 Aluminum Heatsink 41.9x45x20mm
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"Aluminum Heatsink 41.9x45x20mmDimensions Reference --> Click Here"..
Brand: Heatsink
"Aluminum Heatsink Black 15.2x17x10mmDimensions Reference --> Click Here"..
"Clip Heatsink 13x18.9x12.5mmDimensions Reference --> Click Here"..
EHS-27  Aluminum Heatsink Black 21x19mm
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"Aluminum Heatsink Black 21x19mmDimensions Reference --> Click Here"..
DC High Speed Motor with Magnetic Shield 6V
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DC Geared Motor 6V DC Geared Motor 6V
-38 %
Brand: dagu
DC Geared Motor 6V Voltage: 3V-6V No Load Speed: 110 RPM No Load Current:200mA Stall Current: 3A @ 6V (1.5A @3V) Gearbox Ratio: 48:1 Wheel Speed: 65 RPM @3V voltage unloaded  Dimensions: 5.5 x 5 cm..
₱80.00 ₱130.00
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