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e-Gizmo store entrance is now on the Castro St. side of the VSC Building.

Discrete Sensors

Brand: LEM
+/-45A AC/DC Hall Effect Current SensorOpen Loop Hall EffectSupply Voltage: 12V-15VDCAccuracy: 1%BW: 50KHz..
Brand: LEM
Industrial grade closed-loop current transducer.Supply Voltage: 5V DCPrimary Nominal Current: 25A ACrms DCOutput Voltage : 2.5V @ Ip=0Sensitivity: 25mV/ANumber of secondary turns: 2000Load Resistance RL= >= 2K ohmsTemperature Coefficient:..
Genuine Vishay Negative Temperature Coefficient NTC Thermistor, radial leaded.Nominal value: 12K +/- 3% at 25CB25/85=3740Operating Temperature Range: -40C to +125CThermal Time Constant: 15s..
Brand: OMRON
Dual Channel Transmissive Optical Sensor..
Brand: e-Gizmo
Light Dependent Resistor 5mm..
Light Dependent Resistor 10mm..
7mm Light Dependent Resistor 3-Pin..
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