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Electromechanical Sensors

Therno Electric CoolerQmax: 57W @ 50CDelta Tmax: 75C @50CImax: 6.4VVmax: 14.4 to 16.4VDimensions: 40 x 40mmNote: This TEC can also be used as TEG for applications with temperatures not exceeding Tmax=130C..
LJC18A3 PNP Capacitive Sensor
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Capacitive Proximity Sensor PNP OutputDetects metal and non metallic objectsExample: Plastic, water, glass, oil, powder, etcPower: 6V-36VDCDetection Distance: 1-10mmOutput Switch Type: PNPImportant: This device output voltages harmful to the gizDuino/Arduino boards. A level translator interface circ..
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Brand: airpax
Thermostat 60C 1A NOBimettalic Thermostat in 8-pin DIP size Package1Amp 48VDC-120VAC..
40kHz Ultrasnc Rceivr/TrnsceivrPairBlack..
40kHz Ultrasonic Tx/Rx Sealed..
Carbon Monoxide Sensor FIGARO..
40khz Ultrsnc Rceivr/Trnsceivr PairMetal..
Differential Pressure Sensor 0-1psiSensitivity: 4mV/V/psi4k1 input/output Resistance..
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