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Wires and Cables

Fine strand (42 strands) premium AWG22 x 1.8MHighly flexible, can withstand repeated flexingRed = 1.8M (2 yards)Black= 1.8M (2 yards)For a combined lenght of 3.6M..
Brand: Philflex
4 core Jacketed Wire0.65mm/AWG 22 x4Solid pure copperPrice shown per meter lenght. Note: People are using these as well for their solderless breadboard experiments..
4-wire Shielded CablePrice shown is per linear meterAudio, Control and Instrument Cable22 AWG stranded (7x30) tinned copper conductors, polypropylene insulation, twisted pairs, individually Beldfoil® shielded(100% coverage), 24 AWG stranded tinned copper drain wire, PVC jacket...
FPC Cable Solderable 5pinL=140mm pitch=2.54mm- 3Pcs..
FPC Cable Solderabel 5px140mmx2.54mm5 pins FPC cable with solderable terminationsL= 140mm, pitch= 2.54mm..
FPC Cable 15pins x20mm Lenght 1mm pitch..
HDMI Cable 1.5mtrs with micro HDMI AdapterFor Raspberry Pi 4 and micro HDMI equipped appliances...
3-Pins female single 40cm 4 servo 3pcs..
3-Pins female single 30cm 4 servo 3pcs..
3-Pins female single 20cm 4 servo 3pcs..
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