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LCD with I2C I/F 2x16 LCD with I2C I/F 2x16
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2x16 LCD Module with I2C BoardLimited Stock.Visit the e-Gizmo TechBlog! for more info. Click here!..
₱120.00 ₱210.00
Oscilloscope DSO Module Oscilloscope DSO Module
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One Channel Digital Oscilloscope2.5" TFT Color Display12-bit 1MSPS Sampling RateBuffer Depth: 1024 bytesAnalog Bandwidth: 0-200KHzVertical Sensitivity: 10mV/Div ~5V/Div (1-2-5 progressive manner)The Horizontal Time Base Range: 10µs/Div -50s/Div (1-2-5 progressive manner)Input impedance : 1MΩ Maximum..
Brand: e-Gizmo
FT2232 Breakout BoardUSB 2.0 bridge to UART,JTAG,SPI,I2C, and Parallel I/O.On board 3.3V 150mA LDO voltage regulator.Equipped with dedicated JTAG port for use as LCMX02 FPGA programmer kit.Useful Links:FTDI FT2232H Support PageDatasheet, drivers, DLL, application notes related for this product can b..
Brand: e-Gizmo
Your affordable hardware companion for learning Hardware Description Language VHDL/Verilog, the state-of-the-art way of building digital circuitry (ASIC). FPGA Breakout Board- Lattice LCMX02-1200HC-4TG100I FPGA, full access to its 79 I/O- Optional 50MHz Crystal Oscillator- Lattice Diamond : Free Dev..
Brand: e-Gizmo
12V coil 220V 20A load Relay ModuleBuffered relay, active High inputInterfaces directly with a gizDuino/Arduino boardRelay qualified by Safety agencies (UL/CSA/TUV) Wiring : Note: Only 1 device is allowed on this module. On the wiring diagram shows,  You may use the Terminal Block for 5 A Loa..
Red Laser Transmitter ModulePower Input: 5V DCLaser: KY-008Wavelenght: 650nm Wiring : Downloads : Sample code Downloads..
GPS Module with AntennaUblox NEO-6M GPS ModuleHigh Sensitivity Active AntennaWith battery backup for quick GPS lock Wiring : On this example, it needs 10k ohms and 4.7k ohms resistor to the RX pin. Code : Downloads : Tiny GPS Library Downloads..
Laser Sensor/Detector/Receiver ModuleWorking Voltage: 5V Wiring : Downloads : Sample code Downloads..
Pro mini 328 Pro mini 328
By Order
ATMEGA328 mini Modulewith Arduino Bootloader*32K Program Memory, 16MHz Clock Speed3.3V-12V External DC supplySupplied with male headers * Requires USB to UART cable (Sold separately) to download...
Dust & Smoke Particle Sensor ModuleXYS PM2.5 EquivalentWire Connector Included Link : More Information on this Tutorial Link..
HC-SR04 Distance Sensor HC-SR04 Distance Sensor
-27 %
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor20-4500mm Typical Range15 degrees or less sensing angle5V OperationTTL output    Demo Video: More information? Wiring Diagran and Sample Codes! Visit Our Egizmo Tech Blog!..
₱69.00 ₱95.00
Build it Yourself (BIY) Function Generator based on XR2206 Function Generator Chip with Acrylic EnclosureGenerates Sine, Triangle, and Square waveImportant: Supplied in disassembled kit form. Soldering is required.Voltage Supply: 9-12V DC Input Waveforms: Square, Sine & Triangle Impedance: 600..
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