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Sensors and Detectors

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AC Power Analyzer 20A/4400VA in an acrylic shell.AC Only Power Analyzer utilizing Hall Effect current sensor for greater power handling capacity.This AC Power Analyzer is a true energy monitoring circuit that measures with precision the following AC line parameters for a comprehensive electricity en..
Red Laser Transmitter ModulePower Input: 5V DCLaser: KY-008Wavelenght: 650nm Wiring : Downloads : Sample code Downloads..
Laser Sensor/Detector/Receiver ModuleWorking Voltage: 5V Wiring : Downloads : Sample code Downloads..
Dust & Smoke Particle Sensor ModuleXYS PM2.5 EquivalentWire Connector Included Link : More Information on this Tutorial Link..
HC-SR04 Distance Sensor HC-SR04 Distance Sensor
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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor20-4500mm Typical Range15 degrees or less sensing angle5V OperationTTL output    Demo Video: More information? Wiring Diagran and Sample Codes! Visit Our Egizmo Tech Blog!..
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Low cost Microwave Motion Sensor with digital logic output. Detect motions even through glass windows. Has unpopulated CDS terminal- users can add a CDS; this will automatically disable motion detection under strong ambient light conditions (i.e. Daytime outdoors).Detection Distance: 7M typicalPower..
W1209 DC12V Digital Cool Heat Temperature ControlThe W1209 low cost thermostat controller with relay module, you can control power of electrical device based on the temperature sensed.For more information: Visit this link! Wiring Connections : Specifications : Operating Voltage 12VDC..
This breakout board provides a convinient way to start using this popular sensor, MQ-4 sensitive for Methane,CNG Gas (Compressed Natural Gas) is a fuel which can be used in propane/ LPG, high sensitivity to CH4 and Natural Gas Specifications : Power Input 5VDC Current Limit Min. 150..
Dis. Tru beam sensor
By Order
Through Beam Sensor Kit Disassembled..
This module is sensitive to the environment temperature and are commonly used to detect the temp. of the surrounding environment. Youcan change the temperature detection threshold by adjusting the potentiometer. The module can also be replaced with a line of temperature sensor, used for water temper..
The MAX31856 performs cold-junction compensation and digitizes the signal from any type of thermocouple. The output data is formatted in degrees Celsius. This converter resolves temperatures to 0.0078125°C, allows readings as high as +1800°C and as low as -210°C (depending on thermocouple type), and..
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