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Converters and Power Supplies

Installing your expensive electronics outdoors or one that requires wires coming from the outside must be protected from harm due to power surges caused by natures playfulness (e.g., thunderstorms, solar flares).This kit inserts surge protective devices - MOVs, Gas discharge tubes, common-mode induc..
Specifications; (Please see Notes)Input Voltage: 4.5-40VDC Adjustable Output Voltage Range: 1.25-37VDCOutput Current: 3A Max Digital Display: 3-digit 7 segment LEDOutput ON/OFF push button switch.Important Notes:For proper operation:1. Input voltage must always be greater than the input voltage by ..
Specifications; (Please see Notes)Input Voltage: 3.5-12VDC Adjustable Output Voltage Range: 1.25-24VDCOutput Power: 2-3WDigital Display: 3-digit 7 segment LEDPower input ports: USB or uUSB or Solder PadsOutput ON/OFF push button switch.Important Note:Efficiency and power output capacity drop with i..
Important: This BMS is designed to work with 3.2V(Nominal) LiFepO4 batteries only. Maximum Discharge Current: 30A Continous, 56A momentaryCharging Current: 20A maxCharging Voltage: 14.8V NominalProtection:Output Overcurrent and Short Circuit protection: 56+/-10AOvercharge Detect: 3.75V +/- 0.05V per..
Input Voltage Range: DC 3V-35VAdjustable Output Voltage: 4V-40VDCLoad Capacity: 80W Max.Important Warning:Do not adjust the output voltage higher than 40VDC. It will kill the board. The manufacturer of this board did not provide protection to limit the output voltage to a safe value.Notes:- The outp..
This DC/DC Converter module provides bipolar output (positive, negative) from a unipolar DC source. Great for mixed analog/digital circuits where a bipolar DC supply may not be readily available. Input Voltage: 3.3V-13VDCOutput: +/- 15VDC FixedOutput Current: 600mA + rail, 120mA - railInput Standby..
Converts 5V USB power to 9 VDC on a d5.4 x d2.1mm barrel plugIt is a USB cable with a built-in boost converter.Maximum output current: 800mACable Lenght: 1M approxInput: USB Type A plugWeight: 26g..
5V 5A USB Charging Port DC-DC Converter Module LM2596sInput Port: Screw Terminal + DC JackOutput Port: Screw Terminal + USB Charging PortInput Voltage: 9V-36VDCOutput Voltage: 5.2VOutput Current : 6A 30W for Input Volatge: 9 - 24VDC 5A 25W for Input Voltage: 24-32VDC 3.5A 18W for Input Volatg..
Charge and Overload for Li-ion Batteries without built-in protection. Ideal for discrete 18650 Li-ion Batteries.Overcharge Detection Voltage: 4.25-4.35V±0.05VOver Discharge Detection Voltage: 2.3-3.0V±0.05VMaximum Working Current: 3ATransient Current: 5AOperating Temperature: -40-50CInternal Resista..
6-36V to 5V 3A Converter 6-36V to 5V 3A Converter
6-36V to 5V Step Down Converter USB output portInput Voltage: 5V-36VOutput Voltage: 5VOutput Current: 3A peak, 2A ContinousConversion Efficiency: 96%Switching Frequency: 150kHz..
1S (3.7V) Li-ion Battery BMS Protection BoardProtects your Li-ion Battery from Over charging and discharging, short-circuit, and over current.Overcharge Voltage: 4.25V NominalOverdischarge Voltage: 2.54V NominalOvercurrent: 1-3ANote: Battery must be connected to B+ and B-. Protected output is P+ and..
Li-po 2S-6S Charge Balancing adapter for JST-EH style balanced plugs. Compatible to Turnigy, iMAX, and GT Power chargers...
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