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Battery Case for 18650
By Order
Battery case for Lithium Ion size-18650..
4xAA Battery Case with CoverPre-wired with 2-pins terminal connector..
DC Crown Plug with Terminal BlockSolderless Wiring of DC PlugOuter Diameter: 5.4mmInner Diameter:2.1mmPlug Lenght: 12.4mm..
Battery Holder 18650
By Order
Battery Holder For Single 18650 Li-IonAccepts single 18650 sized Lithium Ion Battery..
Fiber Washer O.D.=8mm I.D=3.2mm Thickness=1.5mm 10P..
In Line Fuse Holder w/ 0.5A-30mm Fuse 2P..
Fiber WasherO.D. = 8mmI.D. = 3.2mmThickness: 1.5mm..
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