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Wires: Wafer

3-wire Single Wafer 2mm pitch L=300mm..
2-pin JST SM Male-Female PairKeyed connectorWire Lenght: 15cmWire Gauge: 0.5 mm^2Wire Color: Red & Black* sold as pair..
Wafer Conn 6pins L-250 pitch - 2mm(2pcs)..
Wafer Conn 6 pins L-150mm 2mm pitch (5pcs)..
Wafer Conn 5 pins L-510 pitch 2.54mm (2pcs)..
Wafer Conn 5pins L-400 pitch 2.54mm (3pcs)..
Wafer Conn 5 pins L-325 pitch 2.54mm (3pcs)..
Wafer Conn 5pins L-320 pitch-2.54mm (3pcs)..
Wafer Conn 5 pins L-140 pitch -2mm (5pcs)..
Wafer Conn 4pins 65mmL 2mm pitch (10pcs)..
Wafer Conn 4pins 45mm L 2mm pitch (10pcs)..
Wafer Conn 4 pins L-300 pitch-2mm (5pcs)..
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