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Interface and Peripherals

USB Host Shield ADK V2 USB Host Shield ADK V2
USB Host Shield V2 ADKSupports Google ADK - lets you connect and transfer data to your Android OS phonesSupport for other USB devices and USB HUB functions..
Hand soldering Micro USB connector can be a daunting task, if it is even possible at all. That's why you will need this Micro USB Breakout board if you will be building a project that has a Micro USB port...
USB Host ADK Module adds USB host capability to your microcontroller (gizDuino/Arduino) based project easily.Power Supply: 3.3VDCInterface: SPISupports HUB function communication with Android and other USB devices...
Snap quick learning board for gizDuino/Arduino4-Digit seven segment with DriversPush Button Switch (3)BuzzerLED indicators (4)And socket for additional devices (not included) like- IR Sensor- Voice Recognition Module- LM35 temperature sensor- Servo Motor Downloads : Manual Link..
SPI microSD Card Readerwith on board 3v3 Regulator and Level converter.The on board level converter and regulator allows you to use the board directly to a 5V microcontroller systemlike the gizDuino and Arduino boards. Downloads : Manual Link..
DS3231 Real Time Clock Module with BatterySmall form factorPower: 2.3-5.5VDual calendar alarm, +/-3? accuracy of digital temperature sensorHigh-speed(400kHz) I2C serial bus1Hz and 32.768kHz output reset button debounced input and output...
DS3231 Real Time Clock Module withAT24C32 EEPROMPower: 3.3-5.5VDual calendar alarm, +/-3? accuracy of digital temperature sensorHigh-speed(400kHz) I2C serial bus1Hz and 32.768kHz output reset button debounced input and output.Note: Battery not included and is sold separately..
Ethernet LAN Shield Module- Wiznet W5100 Chip- Built-in IP stack TCP and UDP- Compatible with Arduino Uno and Mega- Micro SD card slot- 10/100 Base-T- 5V Supply Voltage Downloads : Ethernet Library from Arduino Downloads Modified Ethernet Library Downloads Modified SD Library ..
Backplane/Development board for NodeMCU Ver 3With on board 5V input voltage regulator...
Brand: e-Gizmo
FT2232 Breakout BoardUSB 2.0 bridge to UART,JTAG,SPI,I2C, and Parallel I/O.On board 3.3V 150mA LDO voltage regulator.Equipped with dedicated JTAG port for use as LCMX02 FPGA programmer kit.Useful Links:FTDI FT2232H Support PageDatasheet, drivers, DLL, application notes related for this product can b..
This passive buzzer module has a built-in driver, hence you can connect its input directly to a has controller. Note that this is not a stand alone buzzer, it requires a driving signal form a host controller. This buzzer is at its loudest when driven with a 2Khz-5KHz square wave. Compatible with all..
Rotary Encoder Break-out Board Rotary Encoder Break-out Board
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Brand: e-gizmo
Rotating controls are our most ergonomic way of adjusting something, and is the preferred method over push buttons, especially when it involves fast and repeated adjustments. (For example, a potentiometer for volume control.) But digital circuits are not exactly well suited for analog potentiometer ..
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