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Sensors and Detectors

PH Sensor Amplifier Module with Temperature SensorOperation Voltage: 5VDCPH Range: 0-14Output type: AnalogTemperature Range: 0-80C..
IR Line sensor based on TCRT5000Operating Voltage: 3.3 to 5VAnalog and digital OutputAdjustable sensitivity Wiring : Connection to gizDuino SE (Digital Output). Code for Digital Output : Connection to gizDuino SE (Analog Output). Code for Analog Output: 27-30 (white) 32-37 (black)..
Brand: e-Gizmo
AC Power Analyzer 20A/4400VA in an acrylic shell.AC Only Power Analyzer utilizing Hall Effect current sensor for greater power handling capacity.This AC Power Analyzer is a true energy monitoring circuit that measures with precision the following AC line parameters for a comprehensive electricity en..
Red Laser Transmitter ModulePower Input: 5V DCLaser: KY-008Wavelenght: 650nm Wiring : Downloads : Sample code Downloads..
Laser Sensor/Detector/Receiver ModuleWorking Voltage: 5V Wiring : Downloads : Sample code Downloads..
Dust & Smoke Particle Sensor ModuleXYS PM2.5 EquivalentWire Connector Included Link : More Information on this Tutorial Link..
HC-SR04 Distance Sensor HC-SR04 Distance Sensor
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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor20-4500mm Typical Range15 degrees or less sensing angle5V OperationTTL output    Demo Video: More information? Wiring Diagran and Sample Codes! Visit Our Egizmo Tech Blog!..
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Low cost Microwave Motion Sensor with digital logic output. Detect motions even through glass windows. Has unpopulated CDS terminal- users can add a CDS; this will automatically disable motion detection under strong ambient light conditions (i.e. Daytime outdoors).Detection Distance: 7M typicalPower..
W1209 DC12V Digital Cool Heat Temperature ControlThe W1209 low cost thermostat controller with relay module, you can control power of electrical device based on the temperature sensed.For more information: Visit this link! Wiring Connections : Specifications : Operating Voltage 12VDC..
This breakout board provides a convinient way to start using this popular sensor, MQ-4 sensitive for Methane,CNG Gas (Compressed Natural Gas) is a fuel which can be used in propane/ LPG, high sensitivity to CH4 and Natural Gas Specifications : Power Input 5VDC Current Limit Min. 150..
Dis. Tru beam sensor
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Through Beam Sensor Kit Disassembled..
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