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Sensors and Detectors

Turbidity Sensor with uncalibrated Analog OutputOperating Voltage: 3.3V-5VDCMeasurement Range: 0-1000NTUOutput: AnalogNote: Sensor unit only. Device to device tolerance spread can be wide, hence, calibration with a reference solution must be performed if a calibrated readings is required. The output..
BIO SENSING: AS608 Fingerprint Scanner BIO SENSING: AS608 Fingerprint Scanner
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DY50 Optical Fingerprint Sensor Adafruit Library compatibleSupply voltage: DC 3.6 ~ 6.0V Supply Current: Current: <120mAPeak current: <140mAFingerprint image time: <1.0 secondsWindow size: 14 ? 18 mmMatching mode: Match mode (1:1)Search mode (1: N)Signature File: 256 bytesTemplate files: 51..
PH Probe and Amplifier sensor kitSupply voltage: 5 ± 0.2V (AC · DC)Supply current: 5-10mAPH range: 0-14Detection Temperature range: 0-80 °CResponse time: =5SSettling Time: =60SWorking temperature: -10 ~ 50 ° (nominal temperature 20 °)Humidity: 95% RH (nominal humidity 65% RH)Output: analog voltage s..
DHT22 Precision Humidity and Temperature SensorOperating Voltage: 3.3-5.5VDCHumidity Measuring Range: 0-100% RHRH Accuracy: 2-5%Temperature Measuring Range: -40 to 80CTemp Accuracy: +/- 0.5CSampling Rate: 0.5HzOutput: SerialAKA AM2302Downloads : DHT22 Datasheet Download Libray and Code ..
Optical Pulse Heart Rate and Oximeter ModuleNon invasive blood oxygen sensor and pulse rate counterbased on MAX30100 CJMCU-30100Power Supply: 1.8V-3.3V..
Hall effect Magnetic Sensor BoardDigital output, unipolar switchingHall Element: A3144Supply Voltage: 3.3-5VDC..
R307 Fingerprint ScannerADAfruit Library CompatiblePower Input: 4.2-6VDCCurrent: 50mA TypicalInterface: UART TTL, 9600-115200 baudStorage Capacity: 1000 Downloads : AS 606 pinouts (check your module)Download AS 608 pinouts (check your module)Download AS 608 NEW pinouts (check your module)Dow..
Detects concentration of suspended dust particles in the air.Dust Sensor 0.1mg/cbmPower Supply: 5-7VCurrent Consumption:20mADust Particle: 0.8umClean Air Voltage: 0.9V TypSesitivity: 0.5V/(0.1mg/cbm)Inclusion: Wire connector, 1 resistor, 1 Capacitor Downloads : Tutorial link (Wiring Diagra..
MQ7 Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor modulePower Supply: 5VDCOutput: Digital(1 bit) + Analog Downloads : Tutorial link (Wiring Diagra, Sample Sketh for Arduino) Link..
MQ5 LPG Gas Sensor modulePower Supply: 5VDCOutput: Digital(1 bit) + Analog..
MQ135 Air Quality Gas Sensor moduleFor general detection of presence of hazardous gases like ammonia, aromatic compounds, sulfur, benzene vapor, smoke and other gases harmful gas Power Supply: 5VDCOutput: Digital (1bit) and Analog..
Capacitive Fingerprint ReaderSmall and thin size profile: 33.3x20.4x4 mmVoltage :DC 4.2-6.0VUART PortSensing array: 160*160 pixelEffective collection area: 12.8 * 12.8 (mm)Scanning Speed Less than 0.2 secondVerification Speed Less than 0.3 secondMatching Method: 1:1; 1:NResolution 508 DPIFRR (False..
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