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Brand: e-Gizmo
Speed/Power controller for brush type DC Motor.Working Voltage: 6V-90VDCPower Output: 0.01-1000WMaximum Output Current: 15AStandy Current: 5mA TypicalPWM Duty Cycle: 0-100%PWM Frequency: 15kHz Useful link: 6-90V 15A PWM DC Motor Speed controller Review and Testing with different motors Yo..
This 3-phase Brushless DC Motors controller, although primarily designed for e-bikes, works just as well with many other DC brushless motors used for DIY projects.Operating Voltage: 36/48VDC Auto-selectOperating Current: 15A Max.Output Capacity: 350W maximumSpeed Control Input Voltage: 0-5VDCHall Se..
Motor Controller for 100W-500W 3-phase Brushless DC Motors. Operating Voltage: 12-36VDC (Note 1)Operating Current: 15A Max.Output Capacity: 500W (Note 2)Speed Control Input Voltage: 0-5VDCHall Sensor Input: 0-5V LogicNote 1: Although the manufacturer rates this for up to 36VDC, It is recommended to..
Pulse Width Modulation DC Motor Speed Controller.For DC Brush Motor OnlyOperating Voltage Range: 4.5VDC - 35VDCStandby Current: 7uA TypicalOutput Current: 5A MaximumRated Output: 90W maximumPWM Frequency: 20KHzDuty Cycle: 1-100%Package: 1x PWM Module1x Knob1set Potentiometer NutWeight: 15gDimensions..
2-Channel L9110S Motor Driver- Independent control of two DC motors - Alternatively, it can also be used to drive single bipolar (4-wire) stepper motorPower Supply Voltage: 2.5-12VDCMaximum Drive current: 800mA per outputTTL/CMOS compatible drive inputs..
2 Channel PWM Motor DriverFor driving and PWM control of up to two DC brush motor or 1 bipolar stepper motorOpeartion Voltage: 2V-10VDCCurrent: 1.5A Cont, 2.5A peak..
L293 Motor Driver Shield L293 Motor Driver Shield
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L293 based Motor Driver-Drives 4 DC Motor or two Stepper Motor-Built-in 2 Channel Servo Motor Interface Port- 0.6A (1.2A peak) load capacity - Motor Voltage: 4.5V to 36VDC- 8-bit speed control function for DC motors Downloads : Adafruit Motor Shield Library Downloads..
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Brand: e-Gizmo
8A DC Motor DriverOperating Voltage : 6V to 24VDCDevice : VNH5050A Peak Drive: 30 Amps (internally limited)Drive Ampacity: 8 Amps w/ heatsink 4 Amps no HeatsinkOverload Ampacity: 8 Amps for 25 secs (no heatsink) 10 Amps for 45 secs (with heatsink)Fault Indicators: Output Short Circuit Thermal Shu..
30A Brushless Motor Speed Controller RC BEC ESC 30A Brushless Motor Speed Controller RC BEC ESC
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ESC  Electronic Speed Control for high speed brushless DC motors. PWM Speed control input, square wave output.Note: Be careful when working with high speed, high power Brushless DC motor. Mishandling can cause serious injuries. Features : BEC Power: Yes Cut-off voltage: 4V BEC..
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L298N Double H-Bridge DC Stepper Motor Driver L298N Double H-Bridge DC Stepper Motor Driver
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L298N IC as the main driver chip with a strong driving capability, lowheat, anti-interference ability.Specifications : Power Input 12VDC Logic Voltage 5V,0A-0.36A Master Chip L298N Operating Mode H-Bridge Drive (Dual) Drive Current 2A (Max) Single Bridge Maximum Po..
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Brand: e-gizmo
Built for large stepper motors with huge appetite for power, this micro-stepper motor driver can provide 6 Amps* drive and will work with up to 32VDC power source. Current drive is user adjustable. Other features includes  user selectable full/half/quarter/sixteenth microstepping, opto-isolated..
Beefy: H-Bridge Motor Driver Beefy: H-Bridge Motor Driver
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Brand: e-gizmo
Nicknamed Beefy, this H-Bridge Motor Driver is the latest variants in our high current DC motor driver series. Ideal for use  in intermittent low duty high current applications, like mobile robots.Specifications : Motor Supply Voltage 7-35VDC Load Current > 20A surge, 6A Continu..
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