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6-36V to 5V Step Down Converter USB output portInput Voltage: 5V-36VOutput Voltage: 5VOutput Current: 3A peak, 2A ContinousConversion Efficiency: 96%Switching Frequency: 150kHz..
1S (3.7V) Li-ion Battery BMS Protection BoardProtects your Li-ion Battery from Over charging and discharging, short-circuit, and over current.Overcharge Voltage: 4.25V NominalOverdischarge Voltage: 2.54V NominalOvercurrent: 1-3ANote: Battery must be connected to B+ and B-. Protected output is P+ and..
Li-po 2S-6S Charge Balancing adapter for JST-EH style balanced plugs. Compatible to Turnigy, iMAX, and GT Power chargers...
400W DC-DC Boost Converter with constant current functionAdjustable output voltage and current setting.Input Voltage: 8.5-50VDCOutput Voltage: 10V-60VMaximum Output Current: 12A note1:Output Constant Current Range: 0.2 to 12AMax Power: 400W note 2Note 1: Current capacity decreases with increasing v..
3S 5A Li-ion Battery Charger BMS ProtectionSuitable for 3x 18650 batteriesCharging Voltage cutoff: 3.7V-4.3VDischarging Voltage cutoff: 2.3-3.0VCurrent: 5A maximum..
AC/DC Power supply converter moduleInput: 220VACOutput: 12V 0.8A (9.6W)Output protection: Overload short circuit protectedOverload Trigger Level: 0.9A..
5A 2S Li-ion BMS Charger Protection BoardProvides charge balancing, overcharging ang over current protection for two Li-ion batteries.Overcharge Voltage: 4.25-4.35VDischarge Protection Voltage: 2.5-3.0VMaximum Current: 5A..
1A Power Bank Module with FREE Case!3.7V (1S) Li-ion Battery Charger and Boost Converter - Battery state of Charge and Charging LED indicators- Charger input: 5VDC 1A- Power Output: 5VDC 1A Downloads : Wiring Diagram Downloads..
5A MPPT Solar Panel Controller w/ V/I Display 5A MPPT Solar Panel Controller w/ V/I Display
5A MPPT Solar Panel Controller with Display UnitDisplay : Input/Output switchable Voltage and Current displayInput voltage: 6-36 VOutput voltage:1.25-32 VOutput Current: 5ACoversion Efficiency: Upt o 95%Switching Frequency: 180kHzProtection: Output short circuit and Over temperature..
5V 3A Step down converter with USB socketInput Voltage: 6-24VDCOutput Voltage: 5.1-5.2VOutput Current: 3A max, 2A continousOutput Ripple: 10mV @ 12V inputSwitching Frequency: 500kHz nominalOutput LED indicator..
Breadboard Power Supply Breadboard Power Supply
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5V/3,3V Breadboard power supply modulewith USB-A power output and DC Jack InputFits breadboards with double row power railsInput Voltage: 6.5-12VDCNote: Breadboard not included..
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TP4056-1A Li-Ion Battery Charger Modulewith micro-USB connector port..
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