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Converters and Power Supplies

TP4056-1A Li-Ion Battery Charger Modulewith micro-USB connector port..
DC/DC Buck Converter with Digital Voltmeter- Self Calibrating Voltmeter- Fixed 5V 2A Output- Input voltage range: 6.5V-40VDC- USB Socket for use as charger- Short circuit and thermal overload protected..
Adjustable Output Voltage step down converter up to 3ABased on LM2956S SMPS ICTopology: Buck ConverterInput Voltage Range: 3.2-35VOutput Voltage: Adjustable 1.25V-35VOutput Current: 2.5A nominal, 3A with heatsink mountedConversion Efficiency: Up to 92%..
2-24V 2A Adjustable Boost ConverterWith USB Port ( forUSB Power sourcing only)Operating Input Voltage: 2-24VMaximum Current: 2A (Note: Max current falls proportionaly with increasing output voltageMaximum Output Voltage: 28VCoversion Efficiency: 93% Typical..
Lion Ion Charge Controller- One or two cells, jumper selectable- Up to 2A charging current, depending on your input source.- Charging current set at 2A max as shipped- Charging current can be changed by user by changing resistor values.- RED and Green LED status indicator..
Bridge Rectifier Module with FuseThis is a USED module Bridge rectifier module with 3A diodes and 4700uF/35V capacitorAll diodes are shunted with RFI reducing capacitorsFuse protected with 5A Fuse..
This module is used to drive a stepper motor by generating a square wave signal. As a sginal generator, it generates a square wave signal used for experimental development. Generate Adjustable pulse for MCU and to control circuitry. Specifications : Power Input 5-15VDC Current Output 15mA to 35..
Need 5V or 3.3V for your sensor or modules and your power supply is 12V? Worry no more! this module gives you multi 3.3V and 5V DC output with a single 12V input...
A DC-DC Stepdown power supply AMS1117 is a 5V to 3.3V stepdown buck converter module 800mA max current for your sensor or modules that needs a 3.3V power source.Specifications:Input Voltage : 4.6V ~ 10VDC MaximumOutput Voltage: Stable Output 3.3VDC 800mAPCB Dimensions : 8.6mm x 12.33mm..
The DC-DC  Boost Power Module (0.9~5V) to 5V 600mA USB fixed 5V output boost board. Application to use for mobile phones, camera, computer digital products supply.Specs: Input Voltage : 0.9V~5VDC output Voltage : Stable 5VDC PCB Dimensions: 34x16.2mm..
B6286 Step-up Adjustable Boost Converter Features : Integrated 80mOhms power MOSFET Up to 28V adjustable 1.2Mhz fixed switching frequency Internal Compensation Automatic Pulse frequency modulation mode at light loads. Up to 96% efficiency Specifications : Power Input 2V-24VDC Ou..
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