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0-12.5MHz Direct Digital SynthesisSine/Triangle/Square wave Function GeneratorBased on AD9833 ChipSPI Interface This is a AD9833 breakout board.Additonal support components are needed to build a complete stand alone Function Generator Sample Sketch Link..
Oscilloscope DSO Module Oscilloscope DSO Module
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One Channel Digital Oscilloscope2.5" TFT Color Display12-bit 1MSPS Sampling RateBuffer Depth: 1024 bytesAnalog Bandwidth: 0-200KHzVertical Sensitivity: 10mV/Div ~5V/Div (1-2-5 progressive manner)The Horizontal Time Base Range: 10µs/Div -50s/Div (1-2-5 progressive manner)Input impedance : 1MΩ Maximum..
XR2206 Function Generator BIY Kit XR2206 Function Generator BIY Kit
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Build it Yourself (BIY) Function Generator based on XR2206 Function Generator Chip with Acrylic EnclosureGenerates Sine, Triangle, and Square waveImportant: Supplied in disassembled kit form. Soldering is required.Voltage Supply: 9-12V DC Input Waveforms: Square, Sine & Triangle Impedance: 600..
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