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Peripheral Devices

Voltage Detector and Reset Active LowVdet:1.25V Package/Image: SIP-5..
System Reset 2.9V Package/Image: SC82ABA..
Brand: Mitsumi
System reset 2.8V with delay circuit Package/Image: SOT343..
Brand: ROHM
Voltage Detector 2.8V with Delay ckt Package/Image: SOT343..
4.5V Voltage Detector Package/Image: SOT23..
Line 21 Decode - Package/Image: DIP-18..
Line 21 Decoder - Package/Image: DIP-18..
NTSC Line 21 Decoder 4.75-5.25V Package/Image: DIP-18..
Serial/Parallel I/O 12MHz - Package/Image: PLCC-84..
Serial/Parallel I/O 10MHz - Package/Image: PLCC-84..
z80 Serial I/O 8MHz Package/Image: DIP-40..
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