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Peripheral Devices

Precision, Low Noise, Package/Image: DIP8..
Brand: Maxim
RS232 Line Driver 3V-5V Package/Image: SOIC-16..
Real Time Clock & Calendar SPI Package/Image: SOIC-16..
Secure serial RTC & NVRAM Package/Image: SOIC-28..
Ethernet Transceiver Package/Image: LQFP-48..
2.9V Voltage Detector Package/Image: SOT89..
Active Low Voltage Detector Package/Image: TO92..
Peripheral Chip of HMCS6800 Microc Package/Image: DIP-40..
Brand: Microchip
100MBPS Ethernet Controller Package/Image: TQFP-44..
8KB RAM MAC&PHY MicroPeripheral Driver Package/Image: SSOP-28..
Univer. Asynchronous Rx/Tx (UART) Package/Image: DIP-40..
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