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IC Sensors

Brand: VTI
Inclinometer single Axis 12pins..
Accelerometer IC PTI/i2c interface 2axis..
Accelerometer IC PTI/i2c interface 2axis..
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Two Channel Temprature Monitor Package/Image: SSOP-16..
Dual Variable Reluctance sensor I/F Package/Image: SOIC-8..
Digital Temperature Sensor 2Wire Package/Image: SOIC-8..
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3 Axis Accelerometer Package/Image: QFN-16..
MLX90614ESF Infrared Temperature Sensor - Small size, low cost - Factory Calibrated in wide temperature range (-40 to 125 deg C for sensor temp. and -70 to 380 deg C for object temp) - High accuracy of 0.5 deg C over wide temp - Applications: Healthcare, Livestock monitoring, Movement detec..
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