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5pcs 1N4148
5 pcs per pack 1N4148 Fast Switching DiodeVoltage: 75VForward Current: 150mA AveragePower Dissipation: 500mW MaxForward Volatge: 1V max @ 10mAReverse Recovery Time: 4ns..
Rectifier Diode 400V DO-205AA..
600V 4A Bridge Rectifiers Package/Image: bp7..
Diode Single 75V 200 mA Package/Image: SOD-80C..
Switching Diode 20v 20mW Package/Image: SOD..
PNP Transistor 1 A 30V 3-Pin SOT-23..
Rectifiers Diode, 400V 1A Silicon Package/Image: SOD123F..
5 A High Voltage Schottky Rectifier. Package/Image: POWERMITE3..
Diode Schottky 40V 3A Package/Image: POWERMITE3..
5V 2x15A Dual Schottky CK Package/Image: TO220..
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