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LCDs and VFD Modules

LCD2002 20x2 LCD Display Module Green Background LCD2002 20x2 LCD Display Module Green Background
20 characters x 2 line LCD display module.Operating Voltage: 5VDC NominalNo of pins: 16 pins, arranged in 2x8, standard pinoutI2C Module Compatible: YesBacklight: Yes..
Brand New HannStar Colour LCD Panel. This product is offered at an unbelievably low price due to a single reason - We cannot provide a datasheet, not even a specification of this device. This component is for advanced experimenters only ready to hack their way.The following specifications appear to ..
20x4 2004 LCD Display Module Blue
-21 %
20 characters x 4 lines Blue LCD ModuleHD44780 compatible chipSTN Blue5V Nominal operating voltage..
₱210.00 ₱265.00
LCD Module 2 lines x 16 char BLUEWith Backlight16 pins Standard..
GU112X16G-7003 VFD GU112X16G-7003 VFD
-50 %
Brand: Noritake
Serial VFD Graphic 112x16 dotsVacuum Flourescent Display VFDGreen DisplayPower Supply: 5VBuilt in Multisized FontAsync/Sync UART interface, up to 115200 kbpsReady to receive ASCII characters, no initialization required.Made in Japan Downloads : Hardware Manual Downloads Arduino Norit..
₱1,350.00 ₱2,700.00
Mini 16 characters x 2 lines LCD34x10mm Display Area16-PIN 1mm pitch FPC connector..
VTW1BLV-1 LCD Display 2x20 w/ backlight Wiring : Downloads : LiquidCrystal Library..
106x56 DOT MATRIX LCD Panel 20 pins..
RS-232 Serial LCD SKD204-634 V2.2..
SG12864C Graphics LCD
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