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Brand: Avago
High speed 10MBd Data optoisolatorFeatures:Ultra low IDD current: 1.3mA maxLow input current: 1.6mA minBuilt-in slew-rate controlled output20 kV/µs min Common Mode Rejection (CMR) at VCM = 1000 VHigh Speed: 10 MBd minExample Applications:Communication Interface: RS485, CANBus, I2CMicroprocessor Syst..
Brand: Toshiba
Optocoupler Transistor OutputVceo: 80VDCCTR: >100%If: 60mASwitching Characteristics at RL=1.9Kton - 1.5usts - 25ustoff - 50us Package/Image: SMD-4..
2.5A Output Current IGBT Gate Drive Optocoupler Package/Image: SMD-8..
Dual Hi speed 10MBPS Opto Logic Out8pins..
Brand: Vishay
10Mbd Optocoupler xsistor out Package/Image: SOIC-8..
Optocoupler Package/Image: DIP-4..
Optocoupler xsistor output 3uS Package/Image: SMD4-4..
Quad transistor out Optocoupler Package/Image: DIP-16..
Darlington out Optocoupler Package/Image: DIP-6..
TRIAC Output SSR Package/Image: DIP-6..
Transistor Output Optocoupler Package/Image: DIP-4..
Linear Optocoupler servo feedback Package/Image: DIP-8..
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