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Inductors SMD

SMD Power InductorInductance: 33uH +/-20%DC Resistance: 0.11 ohmsRated Current: 1ADimensions:7.5W x 7L x 5H mm..
SMD Power InductorInductance: 68uH +/-20%DC Resistance: 0.27 ohmsRated Current: 0.75Dimensions:7W x 7L x 4.5H mm..
SMD Power InductorInductance: 220uH +/-20%DC Resistance: 1.05 ohmsRated Current: 0.45Dimensions: 5.3W x 5L x 4.5H mm..
SMD Power InductorInductance: 10uH +/-20%DC Resistance: 0.027 ohmsRated Current: 3.4ADimensions:12.5W x 12.5L x 4.7H mm..
SMD Power InductorInductance: 22uH +/-20%DC Resistance: 0.0263 ohmsRated Current: 4ADimensions: 12.5W x 12.5L x 7.5H mm..
SMD Power InductorInductance: 220uH +/-20%DC Resistance: 0.55 ohmsRated Current: 0.56ADimensions: 7.0W x7.4Lx4.5H mm..
15uA 4A Shielded SMD Power Inductor12.6x 12.6 x7.6 mm WLH Weight: 4g..
3.8 uH 4A14x14x 7.5mm SMD Inductor Toroidal..
2.8uH 7.8A12.5x12.5x 3.8mm SMD Inductor..
1 uH 12A12.5x12.5x 4.7mm SMD Inductor..
Brand: Taiyo Yuden
4.7uH SMD Power Inductor NR5040T4R7NCurrent Rating: 3.1ASaturation Current: 3.3ADC Resistance: 0.0377R4.9W x 4.9L x 4.1H mm..
33uH SMD Power Inductor DRA127-3303.22A no core loss6.22A Saturation Current @ 30% roll offDC Resistance: 0.06R12.3W x 12.3L x 7.8H mm..
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