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Ferrite Cores

High Flux Ferrite Toroidal CorePermeability (u) : 125Inductance per Turn AL: 72nH/N^2Cross Section: 0.1920 cm^2Path Length: 4.11 cmWindow Area: 0.713cm^2Volume: 0.7891 cm^3Dimension: OD16.8 x ID10 x 6.8 approx Weight:7g..
Easy to install clamp-on ferrite for a quick fix of your cable RFI problems.Can be used in signal or data-carrying cables to reduce RFI emissions hence improve system performance.Internal diameter: d7mmWeight:12gLength: 30mmNote: The cable in the photo is for illustration only (not included)...
Ferrite Rings OD21 x ID12.5 x T6 mmUsed mainly for RFI suppresion on wires/cables..
Toroid Core OD:33.5mm ID: 19.5mm H: 11mm..
Toroid Core OD:18mm ID: 10mm H: 6mm..
Transformer Ferrite Core Medium..
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