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Mini Hand Drill Rotary Tool set WL500A Mini Hand Drill Rotary Tool set WL500A
This rotary tool ca be used as a hand drill, grinder and cutting tool for small workpieces and electronics stuffs.This set consists of:1x Rotary Tool 1x 220VAC AC-DC 12V Adapter4x collet4x Grinding stones various forms1x Cutting Disk1x Shaft for cutting disk4x Drill bits various sizes1x Allen Wrench..
Ground Strap to prevent you from damaging your most expensive electronic components due to electrostatic discharge ESD...
936 Soldering Station 936 Soldering Station
Brand: HAKKO
Temperature Controlled Soldering StationESD SafeLow Voltage Ceramic Heating ElementRapid Temperature Heat UpWith 907 Soldering Iron, Soldering Iron Stand220VAC Euro Plug..
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