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ROBOT SENSING: CNY70 Array for P-BOT Board
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Brand: e-Gizmo
PBOT's Dedicated Line Array sensor composed of 3 CNY70 Photo electric sensor that is applicable for line tracing robots.  Note : This Sensor is  Compatible with e-Gizmo PBOT Board. ..
5V 2.25A SMPS DC-DC Converter 5V 2.25A SMPS DC-DC Converter
-69 %
Brand: e-Gizmo
Works with 8V - 35VDC input. Efficient switching operations allows full load operation without heatsink even with high input-output voltage differential. Made to order. 3.3V to 24VDC output and up to 80VDC input available. Specifications : Power Input 8 ~ 24VDC  Power Output 3.3VDC..
₱85.00 ₱275.00
LM3886 60W Audio Amplifier (Assembled)
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Brand: e-Gizmo
Audio Amplifier Module built on LM3886 chip, a high performance, high fidelity amplifier very popular in the DIY Audio world.Note: Must be mounted on a heatsink. Heatsink is sold separately Sample Application Specifications : Power Input +/-29VDC  Power Output @ 1% THD 68W sin..
₱450.00 ₱557.00
DC - DC Boost Converter ( Negative )
-39 %
Brand: e-Gizmo
Negative supply from a +5V source. Output adjustable from -5 to -15VDC, and is usable up to -20VDC but at a reduced power output and efficiency. 1.7W output @ -10VDC output. Three terminal negative voltage regulator pin layout.Specifications :Power Input5 ~ 10VDC Power OutputAdjustable,  -..
₱85.00 ₱139.00
DC - DC Boost Converter ( Positive )
-46 % For Restocking
Brand: e-Gizmo
Adjustable output from single +5V supply. Output is adjustable from =Vin to +24VDC. 3W @ +15V output, 2.4W @ +24VDC output. Three terminal positive voltage regulator pin layout. Specifications : Power Input 5 ~ 10VDC Power Output Adjustable, 0 to 24VDC ( Max ) 2.4W Typical Topology..
₱75.00 ₱139.00
20W+20W Stereo Audio Amplifier ( RMS )
-30 %
Brand: e-Gizmo
A high fidelity stereo amplifier built on car audio LA4708 chip. This BTL amplifier is capable of delivering up to 20W per channel when operated with 13.2 VDC source (i.e. fully charged automotive battery). Although primarily designed for car audio (or motorcycle audio, if such thing exists), it wil..
₱275.00 ₱395.00
5W+5W RMS Stereo Audio Amplifier Module
-43 %
Brand: e-Gizmo
This kit packs enough power to make a great DIY amplifier/booster for your personal audio devices. When used with bookshelf loudspeakers, it can fill a fairly large room with loud and clear music. Experimenters will find this useful as a general purpose test amplifier on their workbench.Specificatio..
₱135.00 ₱238.00
LIGHT SENSING: Light and Dark Sensor LIGHT SENSING: Light and Dark Sensor
-12 %
Brand: e-Gizmo
e-Gizmo Light & Dark sensor can either respond to brightness or darkness at a flip of a switch. It's sensitivity is user adjustable via a single trimmer resistor. It has a digital output the activates when the ambient light is either too bright or too dark.Video : Specifications :Power Input5..
₱99.00 ₱112.00
BIO SENSING: TF-MD-M1 Biometric Finger Print Scanner
Brand: e-Gizmo
Reliable fingerprint reader, complete with DSP controller for easy integration with microcontroller circuits, PCs, or industrial controllers.Specifications :Power Input3.3VDCDSP ( Digital Signal Processing )TI TMS320VC5416 Serial CommunicationUARTDefault Baud Rate19200 bpsDownloads :ManualDownl..
Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor
For Restocking
Brand: e-Gizmo
Our new soil moisture sensor with sturdy stainless steel probe for measuring the amount of water in the soil. It has a presettable one bit digital output -for simple and quick application that only need a wet or dry binary equivalent sensing, and an analog output that gives out an analog voltage cor..
Brand: e-Gizmo
The new water level indicator with sturdy stainless steel probe also for detecting the level of water. With its simple 3-LED status indicator, and gives out a digital output. Compatible in all gizDuino boards. Input supply +5VDC. Specifications :Power Input5VDCOutput TypeDigitalDownloads :Schem..
Brand: e-Gizmo
Designed for Mobile Robot line tracking applications, five or three infrared reflective sensors CNY70 will reliably detect dark lines printed over light color surface. Detection distance >10mm from sensor face is possible. Adjustable sensitivity for each sensors. Video : Specifications : ..
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