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2.2m 1/2w Carbon
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Brand: e-gizmo
2.2m 1/2w Carbon Package/Image: r_1_2W..
Brand: e-gizmo
Serial to I/F Adapter for 5-Inches Display Board Features : On board high efficiency DC/DC converter allows the display unit to work from 7.5-16V DC source User determined display size, supports up to 4 e-Gizmo Dot Matrix panel display assembly. Simple serial UART display command set..
JM162B 2X16 LCD & I/F Adapter Kit JM162B 2X16 LCD & I/F Adapter Kit
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Brand: e-gizmo
16 Characters x 2 lines LCD display unit with 4-bit interface board.The interface board pre-wires the LCD unit to 4-bit parallel interface - a wiring method widely used because of reduced I/O pins requirement. Contrast control is also on-board, so are other components needed to easily breadboard or ..
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Power Stepper MOSFET Driver Power Stepper MOSFET Driver
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Brand: e-gizmo
Built for large stepper motors with huge appetite for power, this micro-stepper motor driver can provide 6 Amps* drive and will work with up to 32VDC power source. Current drive is user adjustable. Other features includes  user selectable full/half/quarter/sixteenth microstepping, opto-isolated..
SIM800L Shield
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Brand: e-gizmo
Quad-band GSM/GPRS Module and a full modem serial port where user can configure. It is a simple GSM Shield with SMS/Call functions ready to interface with your favorite gizDuino or Arduino Microcontrollers. Features : With power saving technique for low current consumption. Audio cha..
₱646.00 ₱781.50
Brand: e-gizmo
Rotary Encoder Break-out board enables you to easily add incremental or decrements to you projects and with its center button that can act as confirmation button. Specifications : Power Input 5VDC Dimensions 16.2mm X 37.5mm Downloads : Technical Manual Download Schematic Diagram & PC..
Brand: e-gizmo
This audio kit is for consumer application. It is suitable for car audio power amplifier with high performance and also in home audio applications, a mono amplifier is used to deliver power to a single channel speaker.Specifications : : High Power Amplifier 17W Mono with Built in protector circu..
Brand: e-gizmo
Sensor shield enables you to easily connect and use sensors available at our store, With LED indicator for each I/O user can monitor their program and debug it. with additional Servo ports you can also add servo without hassle.Features : Built -in On-board sensor and modules pins with 28 L..
Brand: e-gizmo
PVG612 SSR Kit is a ""NORMALLY OPEN"" Solid-state Relay that can replace electromechanical relays in many applications. The compact PVG612 is particularly suited for iolated switching of high currents from 12 to 48 volts AC or DC power sources. The applications of this type of ssr are mainly devices..
Brand: e-gizmo
e-Gizmo Bio-Amp Sensor Circuit is an instrumentation amplifier designed to pick-up minute electrical voltage by living biological organ like the human body. Its main feature is the use of Signal Opto-Isolation and high CMRR instrumentation amplifier output.Downloads : Technical Reference Dow..
Brand: e-gizmo
The Beefy: H-Bridge Motor Driver is the latest variants in our high current DC motor driver series. when used in intermittent low duty applications like mobile robots.Specifications : Motor Supply Voltage 7-35VDC Load Current > 20A surge, 6A Continuous Control Input Logic 5V Driver Chip ..
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