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EZ HMI Display Terminal

EZ HMI Display Terminal
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EZ HMI Display Terminal
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EZ HMI Display Terminal is an easy to use display and input device for your MCU based applications. It communicates via a logic level UART channel requiring only two I/O pins, RX and TX, to communicate with any UART equipped MCU. It has several built-in functions that allow you to easily implement an interactive user input interface without writing long codes. It even has a function that can collect alphanumeric data input from users and save it to its non-volatile memory for latter recollection by your host MCU.

Specifications :
Power Input5VDC via UART port
7.5-9VDC through J1
Display Module2 lines x 16 Characters
PCB Dimensions

Features :
Displays alphanumeric messages with very simple commands.
Scrolling display function
5 Digital I/O users can use for whatever applicable purpose
Encoder switch entry allows alphanumeric inputs without the use of large keyboards
4 functions key available for user defined functions
UART port with built-in translators allows direct interface with host controller operating on different logic level.

Downloads :
Sample Arduino/gizDuino Sketch

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