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gizDuino Mini with ATmega88 (without pins)

gizDuino Mini with ATmega88 (without pins)
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gizDuino Mini with ATmega88 (without pins)
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gizDuino mini is an Arduino software compatible board in a small DIP-size board. It is a minimalist design, but has all the necessary components needed for a quick deployment. Pin spacings are likewise standard, allowing you to use it with your breadboard and protoboards.

Initially available in four variants:

gizDuino mini with ATmega8

gizDuino mini with ATmega88

gizDuino mini with ATmega168

gizDuino mini with ATmega328

Specifications :
Power Input 1.8V-5.5V
Clock Frequency 8MHz ( ATMEGA8L )  16MHz ( ATMEGA 88, 168, 328 )
Programming Ports Arduino & ICSP
Board Dimensions

Length : 51mm

Width : 23mm

Downloads :
Getting Started with gizDuino boards (How to Install the Arduino IDE and Driver)
Hardware Manual (Guide)
Arduino IDE Softwares and Prolific Drivers
PCB Top Layer Guide
PCB Bottom Layer Guide

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