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gizDuino + with ATmega164

gizDuino + with ATmega164
gizDuino + with ATmega164
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gizDuino + with ATmega164
gizDuino + with ATmega164
gizDuino + with ATmega164
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gizDuino Plus series of Arduino Compatible boards are built around ATMEGAxx4p series of microcontrollers- a series of more advance micros than the xx8p series used in the Arduino Uno. It has two hardware UARTS, 12 additional I/O ports, and larger memory capacity (ATMEGA644P variant). You can build and download your program using the Arduino IDE, just like what you are used to do with Arduino Uno.

Due to some differences in the hardware feature,  a downloadable patch must be installed in the Arduino IDE to allow its use. A few 3rd party Arduino libraries may likewise need some patches  (we've done this for you with a number of the most popular libraries). Hence, these boards are more suited for advanced users and novices ready to level up.

General Features:

32 Programmable I/O Lines

8 Channel, 10 bit ADC

6 PWM Channels

2 Programmable USART

SPI,I2C,JTAG,Timers, etc.

ATMEGA164 Variants:

- 16K Bytes program memory

- 1K Byte SRAM

- 512 Bytes EEPROM

*e-Gizmo and gizDuino kits  are designed and Made in the Philippines. Tunay na gawang pinoy. 

Specifications :
Power Input 7.5-12VDC (External) || 5VDC (USB port)
Clock Frequency 16MHz (ATMEGA 164,324,644) 
Programming Ports Arduino, ICSP  & USB
I/O Ports 32 I/O ports
Board Dimensions

Length : 61mm

Width : 23mm

Downloads :
Getting Started with gizDuino boards (How to Install the Arduino IDE and Driver)
GizDuino PLUS Starter Kit Manual Guide
GizDuino PLUS ATMEGA164P V4 Hardware Manual
Sample Arduino/gizDuino Sketches (with Hardware Illustration)
List Of Materials
Arduino IDE Softwares and Prolific Drivers
PCB Top Layer Guide
PCB Bottom Layer Guide
Components Guide
Schematic (A)
Schematic (B)

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