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JZ863 RF Wireless Data Transceiver

JZ863 RF Wireless Data Transceiver
JZ863 RF Wireless Data Transceiver
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JZ863, the mini power wireless module, is used as the wireless data transmission in short distance. With the small size, weight and power consumption and good stability and reliability, it has the function of bidirectional data sign transmission, test and control. It is used for Wireless meter reading, such as water meter, electric meter and gas meter, parking meter, intellective card, electronic weighing apparatus, meter for checking on work attendance, queue wireless meter, building control, shipping company control, alarm system, intelligent equipment, Automatic data collecting system; Industrial remote control and remote test building automation, safety and security, powerhouse equipment wireless monitor, entrance control system, etc. If necessary, we can provide USB interface to make it easy to settle the question of Power Supply for Mini computer and PC users.

Specifications :
Power Input

2.8 - 3.6V or 3.6 - 5.5V (TTL) DC

5±0.5V ( RS232 / RS485 ) 

Frequency Range
428 - 433 MHz
Modulation Type
FSK ( Frequency - Shift Keying )
500 meter (MAX)

Downloads :
Technical Manual

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