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16-Channel Servo Controller

16-Channel Servo Controller
16-Channel Servo Controller
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Independent control of up to 16 RC servo motor in a single board. 1uS pulse width resolution. Serial TTL level UART I/O port interfaces easily with most microcontrollers, including gizDuino (Arduino Compatible Board). Easy to use command set.

Additional Power Modules : (Optional) Servo Soft Starter

Demo Video:

Specifications :
Power Input5 ~ 7.5VDC 
3.3V Output50mA Max
Interface Signals3.3v/5V TTL Compatible UART 
Baud Rates

9600 bps ( default )

19200 bps

115200 bps

Downloads :
Hardware Manual
Arduino Sample Sketch (without library)
eGizmo_16ChannelServo Library

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