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Jumper Wire MMx40-10
-45 %
40 pins/pcs Ribbon Jumper Wire10cm Male/Male..
₱49.50 ₱90.00
Kester 0.5mm Sn63Pb37 Kester 0.5mm Sn63Pb37
-52 % Pre-Order
Brand: Kester
Soldering lead 500gSN63 PB37 0.5mm DiameterFlux 245 Core 58 2.2% FluxGenuine Kester Soldering LeadMade in USA..
₱785.00 ₱1,620.00
Kester SN63PB37 0.5mm
-53 % Pre-Order
Brand: Kester
Soldering lead 250gSN63 PB37 0.5mm DiameterFlux 245 Core 58Genuine Kester Soldering Lead..
₱450.00 ₱950.00
L293 based Motor Driver-Drives 4 DC Motor or two Stepper Motor-Built-in 2 Channel Servo Motor Interface Port- 0.6A (1.2A peak) load capacity - Motor Voltage: 4.5V to 36VDC- 8-bit speed control function for DC motors Downloads : Adafruit Motor Shield Library Downloads..
₱129.00 ₱140.00
LAH 50-P Hall Effect Current Sensor
-33 %
Brand: LEM
AC/DC Hall Effect Closed Loop Current SensorHigh Accuracy, low temperature driftNominal Current: 50ArmsMeasuring Range: 0-+/-100ASecondary Nominal Current: 25mAAccuracy: +/- 0.25%Linearity: <0/15%Bandwidth: DC-200KHzProduct ManualDownload"..
₱855.00 ₱1,280.00
LED Matrix Common Cathode Driver Shield
-53 %
Brand: e-Gizmo
This LED Matrix Drivers used in conjunction with our gizDuino (Arduino compatible) controller and LED dot matrix display kit to build a full function LED dot matrix display system. Specifications :Power InputPowered via gizDuino/Arduino boardMax LED Matrix Board Driving CapacityUp to 5 Cascaded Boar..
₱350.00 ₱750.00
LIGHT SENSING: Light and Dark Sensor LIGHT SENSING: Light and Dark Sensor
-12 %
Brand: e-Gizmo
e-Gizmo Light & Dark sensor can either respond to brightness or darkness at a flip of a switch. It's sensitivity is user adjustable via a single trimmer resistor. It has a digital output the activates when the ambient light is either too bright or too dark.Video : Specifications :Power Input5..
₱99.00 ₱112.00
LIGHT SENSING: TCS3200 Programmable Color Sensor LIGHT SENSING: TCS3200 Programmable Color Sensor
-28 %
The TCS3200 programmable color light-to-frequency converters that combine configurable silicon photodiodes and a current-to-frequency converter on a single monolithic CMOS integrated circuit. The output is a square wave (50% duty cycle) with frequency directly proportional to light intensity (irradi..
₱260.00 ₱360.00
Litech DB25 Female with Shell Litech DB25 Female with Shell
-31 %
Brand: Litech
Branded 25 pins db25 Female Connector kit with Shell.Shell kit includes cable retainer clips and holding screws...
₱68.00 ₱98.00
LJC18A3 PNP Capacitive Sensor
-23 % Pre-Order
Capacitive Proximity Sensor PNP OutputDetects metal and non metallic objectsExample: Plastic, water, glass, oil, powder, etcPower: 6V-36VDCDetection Distance: 1-10mmOutput Switch Type: PNPImportant: This device output voltages harmful to the gizDuino/Arduino boards. A level translator interface circ..
₱290.00 ₱378.00
LM3886 60W Audio Amplifier (Assembled)
-19 %
Brand: e-Gizmo
Audio Amplifier Module built on LM3886 chip, a high performance, high fidelity amplifier very popular in the DIY Audio world.Note: Must be mounted on a heatsink. Heatsink is sold separately Sample Application Specifications : Power Input +/-29VDC  Power Output @ 1% THD 68W sin..
₱450.00 ₱557.00
Brand: e-Gizmo
A 68W continuous average (@ 4ohms), 0.0028% THD, and 104dB SNR Audio power amplifier kit that gives you a high end performance at low cost. These figures are not taken from the specification sheets, they are data taken by actual measurements done in our lab.Using the LM3886 chip highly rated by seas..
₱430.00 ₱457.00
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