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Relay Module 5V 10A

Relay Module 5V 10A

Relay Module 5V 10A with transistor driver- 5V Relay coil Voltage- 10A 220VAC NO/NC contact- Screw t..


SMD Practice Solder Kit

SMD Practice Solder Kit

Soldering kit for SMD ComponentsThrough hole components are definitely on their way out. And you do ..


AM/FM Radio Kit

AM/FM Radio Kit

AM/FM Radio Assembly KitBuild it yourself Transistor AM/FM Radio KitCircuit built around CD9088 FM R..


AM Radio Kit

AM Radio Kit

AM Radio Assembly KitBuild it yourself Transistor AM Radio KitClassic Superhet AM Radio Circuit with..


Featured Kits & Modules

Little Hulkster Motor Driver

Small but powerful. Capable of driving fairly large DC motors with up to 8A drive current.

Mega 2560 Compatible

Cheap Arduino Mega 2560 compatible board with CH340 USB bridge.

gizDuino LIN-Uno Starter Kit

Learn to program and use Arduino/gizDuino using this kit. Mounted gizDuino module + breadboard makes learning more fun!

Power Relay Module 20A

12V coil 220V 20A load Relay Module
Buffered relay, active High input

ATMEGA328 Pro mini

ATMEGA328 mini Module with Arduino Bootloader
32K Program Memory, 16MHz Clock Speed

FT2232 Breakout Board

USB 2.0 bridge to UART,JTAG,SPI,I2C, and Parallel I/O.

Featured Components & Stuff

IG220062 12V Gear Motor
High torque low speed gear motor with plastic bracket and brass insert.

Thermo Electric Generator

Peltier device optimized for energy harvesting. Generates up to 4.8V at 669mA with temperature differential of 100C.

Peltier TEC1-12706

Thermo Electric Cooler. This TEC can also be used as TEG for applications with temperatures not exceeding Tmax=130C

Vanity RC Wheel set
Deliciously colored wheel sets for your robot projects. Available in 6 color combinations.

HX 15-P Current Sensor

Precision AC/DC current sensor module. +/-45Amp current capacity with 1% precision.

6 Channel Slip Ring 360 degrees Rotation

220VAC 2A/channe Contact Ratin

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