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DDS Function Gen

DDS Function Gen

0-12.5MHz Direct Digital SynthesisSine/Triangle/Square wave Function GeneratorBased on AD9833 ChipSP..


3-Band Equalizer

3-Band Equalizer

3-Band Equalizer/Tone Control ModuleLow cost transistor tone control with Bass, Mid, and Treble cont..


LCD Module 2x16 Blue

LCD Module 2x16 Blue

LCD Module 2 lines x 16 char BLUEWith Backlight16 pins Standard..


Mini Rectangular Speaker

Mini Rectangular Speaker

8ohms 2W Rectangular Frame Speaker40W x 20L x 8H mmAlnico Magnet..


Featured Kits & Modules

gizDuino LIN-Uno Starter Kit

Learn to program and use Arduino/gizDuino using this kit. Mounted gizDuino module + breadboard makes learning more fun!

Power Relay Module 20A

12V coil 220V 20A load Relay Module
Buffered relay, active High input

ATMEGA328 Pro mini

ATMEGA328 mini Module with Arduino Bootloader
32K Program Memory, 16MHz Clock Speed

FT2232 Breakout Board

USB 2.0 bridge to UART,JTAG,SPI,I2C, and Parallel I/O.

HC-SR04 Distance Sensor

TTL output, 5V Operation
15 degrees or less sensing angle
20-4500mm Typical Range

IR Remote Control Kit

11 function infrared remote controller that correspondingly turns ON or OFF 11 remotely controlled outputs..

Featured Components & Stuff

Crimper for RJ type plugs

Crimper for 4,6,8 poles Modular Plug. With LAN Cable outer jacket remover and Wire Stripper

6 Channel Slip Ring 360 degrees Rotation

220VAC 2A/channe Contact Ratin

Capacitive Proximity Sensor
Detects metal
and Non Metallic Objects
Example: Plastic, water, glass, oil, powder, etc.

Stereo Speaker in Baffle
2x 1.5-inch full range speaker
1x Passive Woofer
Baffle size: 200Wx45Hx80D

Serial VFD Graphic 112x16 dots

Green Display
Power Supply: 5V
Built-in Multisized Font
Ready to receive ASCII characters, no initialization required.

Coin Hopper with sensor 220V

Fits new 1 peso and 5 peso coins?

Prices shown are subject to change without prior notice. Price and stock availability are updated regularly, but are not based from "live" data. Discrepancy may occasionally be encountered.