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Featured Kits & Modules

Solid State Relay

4 ch Solid State Relay Module 5V control input, Active low trigger 2A 240VAC Normally Open

gizDuino LIN

100% code compatible with the popular Arduino Uno board. Added features inlcudes  LIN interface and LED monitored I/O.

PBOT 2018

Our latest generation of entry level mobile robot kit. Better but cheaper than its predecessor.

Lion Ion Charge Controller
- One or two cells, jumper selectable
- Up to 2A charging current, depending on your input source.


Time of flight high accuracy distance sensor. 30-1000mm measuring range.

FM Broadcaster II

A low power Stereo FM transmitter unit for educational training and practice broadcasts.

Featured Components & Stuff

Crawler Kit

Build it Yourself Toy Robot Kit. Runs on single 1.5V battery.

Audio Power Amp Hybrid Modules

Selection of Audio Hybrid Modules- mostly High efficiency class H STK series.

1.5KV to 3KV High Voltage Module
High Voltage Generator
Input: 180-250VAC 50/60Hz
Output: -1.5KV to -3.0KV

Micromotor & Wheel Set with Cover

Voltage: 3-12VDC
Exposed metal gear assembly

Brass Motor Coupling

d3.5mm threaded x d7.0mm

Educational Solar Powered Car

Costs almost next to nothing, and yet it can help propel your kids into the exciting world of Robotics.


All Terrain 6WD Chassis with Li-Ion Battery

All Terrain 6WD Chassis with Li-Ion Battery

All terrain 6WD Chassis- Articulated legs- 6V-8V DC Gear Motors- with 2x3.7 Li-Ion Battery- Spring b..


12-CH Slip Ring MSC-22-12

12-CH Slip Ring MSC-22-12

12 Channel Slip Ring 360 degrees RotationElectrical Connection for your coupled Rotating JointsSpeed..


BJ-1 Siren Piezo Buzzer

BJ-1 Siren Piezo Buzzer

12V Loud Siren Piezo Buzzer..


4 Ch Solid State Relay

4 Ch Solid State Relay

4 ch Solid State Relay Module5V control input, Active low trigger2A 240VAC Normally OpenCaution: AC..


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