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Agilent 4411B ESA-L Spectrum Analyzer
9KHz - 1.5GHz Laboratory Spectrum Analyzer
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Agilent 34970A 6-1/2 Digits DMM Data Logger [Surplus]
20+2 Channels automated data measurements on a budget!
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Purple PCB Theme
Purple is our new PCB Theme. The transition has begun..
Omron E5CN
Omron Temperature PID Controller
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Upgraded Uno Advanced
Upgraded Uno Advanced Learning Kit
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Pneumatic Components
Pneumatic Components
Low-Cost Pneumatic Components for Prototyping and DIY projects
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Robot Kit
Learner's Robot
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Agilent 34970A
With 94901A Multiplexer
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Agilent 34410A
6-1/2 Digit Precision DMM
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Agilent 34401A
6-1/2 Digit Precision Benchtop DMM
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PIR Motion Sensors
Premium Quality Motion Sensors
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Industrial Automation Parts
We started putting on-line our Industrial Offerings.

Latest Kits & Modules

Product ID: 210100008
This product is a digital PWM amplifier based on PAM8403 chip.- 2 channels- Power input: 2.5-5VDC- Audio Power Output: 3W + 3W- Volume control- Class ..
Product ID: 211000048
This DC/DC converter module generates a +15V and -15V DC source from a single source input. It makes a convenient power conversion module for your cir..
Product ID: 211100055
This simple soil moisture probe has a trimmer presetable digital output that goes to logic low whenever the soil moisture value exceeds the preset lev..
Product ID: 211100054
This simple rain/water sensor detects the presence of water by presenting an ohmic resistance at its output caused by water bridging its conductive pr..
Product ID: 211100053
This module is a basic AC Power measuring board that can return AC Voltage, Current, Power, PF and kWh readings of a AC power installation under test...
Product ID: 211000047
This product is a high-efficiency DC-DC Step Down Converter. It can be used in constant current and constant voltage mode, making it useful as well as..

Latest Stuffs

Product ID: 151300016
- Low Offset Voltage: 10µV (MAX)- Open-Loop Voltage Gain: 150dB (TYP)- PSRR: 150dB (TYP)- CMRR: 140dB (TYP)- Input Voltage Noise Density: 10nV/vHz at ..
Product ID: 240600013
Digital Channels: 1Analog Bandwidth: 200kHzSampling rate: 2.5 MS/sVertical Sensitivity: 10mV/div to 20V/divHorizontal Sweep: 10us/div to 50s/divTrigge..
Product ID: 240400013
For EU30 (30x30) Tslot Aluminum ProfileSize: M6 x 15.5mmNut: M6 Hexagonal Flanged Nut 10mm driveMaterial: SteelWeight: 9.2g..
Product ID: 240600014
Budget DMM.Specifications:Display: LCDMaximum display value: 2000 digitsSampling time: about 3 times/secBattery type: 6FF22 9V battery (not included)W..
Product ID: 202000028
50KA Audio Tapered Potentiometer PC SolderableModel: WH9011A-K1Resistance: 50K A TaperedPower: 0.05WSwitch: 1A @ DC16V, open circuit at full CCW posit..
Product ID: 240200032
Protect your sensitive components and boards againts ESD damage by keeping them stored inside this Static Shielding Bag when not in use.True Anti Stat..
Brand: Nippon Chemicon Product ID: 101000043
Genuine Nippon Chemicon SMQ Series Electrolytic Capacitor.MPN: ESMQ451VSN331MQ50SCapacitance: 330uF +/-20%Working Voltage: 450VDCDissipation Factor: 0..
Brand: Nichicon Product ID: 101000042
Genuine Nichicon CapacitorCapacitance: 470uF +/-20%Rated Voltage: 500V DCDissipation Factor: 0.2Rated Ripple Current: 1.5A @120Hz 105CSize: D36 x 51m..
Agilent E4411B ESA-L Series Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-1.5+ GHz 50 ohms Agilent E4411B ESA-L Series Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-1.5+ GHz 50 ohms
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Product ID: 240600012
Spectrum Analyzer ideal for cost conscious bench-top or manufacturing environments.Frequency Range: 9kHz to 1.5GHz (usable to 1.58GHz)Input Impedance:..
Product ID: 250200026
Internal HDD SATA Power Cable with FEMALE Molex Connector Termination.Wire Length: 25cm approx.Overall Length: 29cmWire Size: AWG 18Terminations: SATA..
Product ID: 131800003
MPN: KCD-117Current Capacity: 10A at 110VAC, 6A at 250VACContact Form: Single Pole Single Throw SPSTWire Length: 60mmTermination: Molex connector 4mm ..
Product ID: 111300018
Flat ribbon connector, IDC socket (female to female) termination.Poles: 18Wire Length: 20cm approx.Overall Length: 22.5cmWire Size: AWG 28Terminations..


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