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Raspberry Pi 5 4GB
Raspberry pi 5 4GB Limited Stock P4585+VAT!
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Agilent 4411B ESA-L Spectrum Analyzer
9KHz - 1.5GHz Laboratory Spectrum Analyzer
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Agilent 34970A 6-1/2 Digits DMM Data Logger [Surplus]
20+2 Channels automated data measurements on a budget!
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Omron E5CN
Omron Temperature PID Controller
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40x40mm Server Fans
40x40mm Server Fans
Highly Reliable. Powerful Airflow.
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Robot Kit
Learner's Robot
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Agilent 34970A
With 94901A Multiplexer
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PIR Motion Sensors
Premium Quality Motion Sensors
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Industrial Automation Parts
We started putting on-line our Industrial Offerings.

Latest Kits & Modules

Product ID: 211100058
The VC-02 module, developed by Shenzhen Ai-Thinker Technology Co., Ltd., is a low-cost pure offline speech recognition module. It utilizes the voice c..
Product ID: 211100057
4-Levels 1S to 8S Lithium-ion Battery Charge Indicator Module.- Jumper (solder pads) selectable configuration.Jumper Setting:Apply solder bridge to an..
Product ID: 211000050
Ideal for DIY Solar LED and other projects requiring a DC source LED driver.Operating Voltage: 8-35VDCAdjustable Output Current: 0 to 750mAEfficiency:..
Product ID: 221300002
Pickit 3.5 Programmer and debugger supports in-circuit programming and debugging of a wide range of Microchip 8-bit and 16-bit MCU devices. This kit i..
Brand: Raspberry Pi Product ID: 210200050
Raspberry Pi 5 4GB RAMNote: Price shown is VAT exclusive. +VAT price is PHP5125.20*RP1*Raspberry Pi 5 is built using the RP1 I/O controller, a package..
Product ID: 211200024
The RS-WC-201 WiSeConnect module is a fully integrated 802.11 b/g/n module with advanced features for M2M, industrial, medical, enterprise and IOT (In..

Latest Stuffs

Product ID: 110200025
Quality flexible AWM UL2547 shielded wire for signal and small power carrying applications.Number of conductors: 2x AWG22 stranded insulated wires + 1..
Product ID: 110200024
This RF Cable can be used as an antenna extension cable for RF devices, such as WIFI Routers, Radio Receivers, low power transceiver.Nominal impedance..
Product ID: 130100023
True Rated, Reputable BrandUL Approved.Nominal Voltage: 7.4VNominal Capacity: 2000mAMaximum Discharge: 2000mA ContinouslyInternal Impedance:..
Product ID: 130100024
True Rated.Nominal Voltage: 7.4VNominal Capacity: 1280mAPower: 9.47 WhLithium-ion and Polymer batteries are stored and sold in near discharged state t..
Product ID: 611100003
LS 2 Axis Positioning Module. Expansion module for XBC-DN64H PLC and XGB Series PLC.Interpolation Function: 2 axis Linear/Circular interpolationContro..
Product ID: 611100002
LS Electric Industrial PLC, 64 I/OOutputs: 32 Transistor Type opto isolated.Inputs: 32Program Port: USB, RS232CProgram Capacity: 15K stepsProgramming ..
Brand: 3M Product ID: 110300011
3M Mini D Ribbon (MDR) Connector 50 pinsScrew or Quick Release Latching Mechanism.Number of Pins: 50Contact Rated Current: 1AContact Plating: GoldCont..
Brand: 3M Product ID: 110300012
3M Mini D Ribbon (MDR) Connector 26 pinsNumber of Pins: 26Contact Rated Current: 1AContact Plating: GoldContact Pitch: 1.27mmWire Capacity: AWG30 to A..
Brand: 3M Product ID: 110300013
3M Mini D Ribbon (MDR) Connector 20 pinsNumber of Pins: 20Contact Rated Current: 1AContact Plating: GoldContact Pitch: 1.27mmWire Capacity: AWG30 to A..
Product ID: 720600018
Industrial grade components are built to be tough and reliable. It will continue to work even in rough working conditions, long after ordinary commerc..
Product ID: 680400002
Plastic Body Area Sensor-Stop Transmission Function-Mutual Interference Prevention-Light ON/Dark ON selectableOperation Voltage: 12-24VDCOutput Type: ..
Product ID: 650100006
Oriental Motor Linear Actuator with AC BrakeMade in Japan.A. Motor 2RK6GN-CW2MPower Output: 6WPower Supply: 200-230VAC Single PhaseRPM: 1450Electromag..