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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB
Raspberry pi 4GB Free Shipping PH Wide P4285+VAT!
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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB
Agilent 4411B ESA-L Spectrum Analyzer
9KHz - 1.5GHz Laboratory Spectrum Analyzer
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Agilent 34970A 6-1/2 Digits DMM Data Logger [Surplus]
20+2 Channels automated data measurements on a budget!
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Omron E5CN
Omron Temperature PID Controller
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40x40mm Server Fans
40x40mm Server Fans
Highly Reliable. Powerful Airflow.
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Robot Kit
Learner's Robot
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Agilent 34970A
With 94901A Multiplexer
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PIR Motion Sensors
Premium Quality Motion Sensors
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Industrial Automation Parts
We started putting on-line our Industrial Offerings.

Latest Kits & Modules

Brand: TDK Product ID: 211000049
The CXA-L10 series inverters for 2-cold cathode fluorescent lamps support a wide range of CCFL devices and are characterized by highly stable output c..
Product ID: 211100056
This product is a commercial quality single channel PIR motion sensor with White Fresnel lens. It is most sensitive on an axis aligned at the center o..
Product ID: 210400005
USB to TTL Converter based on the popular CP2102 USB Bridge chip.Power source: USB port (5VDC)Output Voltage: 3.3V TTL output levelAvailable i/o:- RX ..
Product ID: 211200023
The JDY-40 is a complete wireless transceiver module operating in the 2.4GHz band. It can be configured to function as a transparent mode wireless UAR..
Product ID: 210100008
This product is a digital PWM amplifier based on PAM8403 chip.- 2 channels- Power input: 2.5-5VDC- Audio Power Output: 3W + 3W- Volume control- Class ..
Product ID: 211000048
This DC/DC converter module generates a +15V and -15V DC source from a single source input. It makes a convenient power conversion module for your cir..

Latest Stuffs

Brand: Panasonic Product ID: 101100031
Panasonic HD Series SMD Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorMPN: EEEHD1E4R7ARCapacitance: 4.7uF +/-20%Working Voltage: 25VDCCategory Temperature Range: -40..
Brand: Suncon Product ID: 101100024
Suncon CE-LX Series Low Impedance Long Life Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorManufacturer Part No: 35CE470LXCapacitance:47uF +/-20%Working Voltage: 35VD..
Brand: Suncon Product ID: 101100027
Suncon CE-PH Series Low Impedance High Temperature Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorManufacturer Part No: 35CE301PHCapacitance: 300uF +/-20%Working Volt..
Brand: Panasonic Product ID: 101100023
Panasonic FK Series Low ESR SMD Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorMPN: EEEFK1E221PCapacitance: 220uF +/-20%Working Voltage: 25VDCCategory Temperature Ran..
Brand: Panasonic Product ID: 101100026
Panasonic FK Series Low ESR SMD Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorMPN: EEVFK1H102MCapacitance: 1000uF +/-20%Working Voltage: 50VDCCategory Temperature Ra..
Brand: ONSEMI Product ID: 152100015
The MC33269 series are low dropout, medium current,fixed and adjustable, positive voltage regulators specifically designed for use in low input voltag..
Product ID: 101100022
Nichicon UUR Series General Purpose Aluminum Electrolytic CapacitorManufacturer Part No: UUR1J470MNL1GSCapacitance:47uF +/-20%Working Voltage: 63VDCCa..
Brand: Rubycon Product ID: 101000045
Genuine Nichicon 22uF 450V PS Type Electrolytic Capacitor.Low ESR, Miniature Size. For Switching Power Supplies.Capacitance: 22uF +/-20%Voltage: 450VD..
Product ID: 120800036
SMD Power Inductor Magnetically ShieldedInductance: 10uH +/-20%DC Resistance: 0.044 ohmsRated Current: 2.5ADimensions:10W x 10L x 5H mm..
Brand: VISHAY Product ID: 181400002
The TCST1103 is a transmissive sensor that include an infrared emitter and phototransistor,located face-to-face on the optical axes in a leaded packag..
Product ID: 121900001
OCR480B4 480kHz Ceramic Resonator.Dimensions: 3.5L x 8.0W x 9.0H mmLead Spacings: 5mm..
Brand: Murata Product ID: 100800041
Murata KY Series IEC60384 Safety Standard Certified Ceramic Capacitors.MPN: DE2E3KY332MA3BM02FNominal Capacitance: 3300pF (0.0033uF)Tolerance: +/-20%T..