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Terms & Conditions

We are still working the details, but we could start with these few basic terms and conditions.

1. Suitability of e-Gizmo kits and components for its application is the sole responsibility of the buyer. e-Gizmo makes no warranties and assumes no liability as to the suitability or sufficiency for buyer’s application of any kits and components.

2. Program Codes, if applicable, is the buyer's sole responsibility. Every project that requires programming needs a unique set of codes. Building program is time-consuming, expensive, and therefore is not free. We make every effort to provide free and tested example programs that you may use and modify to jumpstart your applications, but we make no assurance of availability. Furthermore, sample programs are provided on as is where is basis. Use it at your own risk, we assume no responsibility or liability for anything that may arise from its use.

3. Electronic components are not covered by any warranty, for the simple reason they are very fragile- they can be easily damaged even out of circuit by mere mishandling (Electrostatic Discharge damage),and by user misuse (e.g. improper soldering, bad circuit).

4. e-Gizmo branded kits and modules are backed by three months or 3 repairs limited service warranty (whichever comes first). You just pay for the replaced parts. Labor is free. Provided the module or kit is still in repairable condition. e-Gizmo reserves the right to determine if the kit/module is fit for repair, and may refuse repair service if the damage is severe, the kit is unserviceable, or repairing will cost more than the kit itself. The repair is usually done within 7 working days, but may take longer subject to the availability of the replacement parts.


For your protection (and as our standard procedure), kits and modules you will be buying are tested in your presence. Your acceptance serves as a confirmation that you received the items in good working condition.

Shipped items are tested and testing is recorded on video. Recordings are kept for 15 days from date of shipment. Claims, if any, must be made within that period. Absence of claim is a confirmation that you received the items in good working condition.