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27 Oct DIY Christmas Decoration Project
Mercado Roma 0 1373
Demo VideoIn this project, we will show you how  the Christmas/LED lights accompany the song. Using gizDuino LIN-UNO, piezo buzzer.Materials:gizDuino LIN (Arduino UNO), USB cable1 x Serial LCD II5 x 1..
26 Oct eGizmo Serial LCD Library for Arduino
Mercado Roma 0 1797
Demo VideoIn this project, we will use the Serial LCD II for displaying a message to display using  gizDuino LIN-UNO and Serial LCD Library.WHAT IS SERIAL LCD II?Is an interface board that allows you ..
15 Oct Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Programming example
Mercado Roma 0 2305
Demo VideoIn this project the Ultrasonic Sensor read and write the distance in the serial monitor...
15 Oct Radar
0 1258
RadarDemo VideoIn this project, we will create a radar that can detect an object within a 4 cm radius on a given angle interval using the gizDuino LIN.WHAT IS A RADAR AND HOW DOES IT WORK?A radar stan..
08 Oct hello, world! with LCD 2×16
Mercado Roma 0 1318
hello, world! with LCD 2×16Demo VideoIn this project we are going to display the “Hello World” message on the LCD display. Also on the LCD display shows the time in seconds since the gizDuino LIN is r..
01 Oct LED Brightness display on LCD
Mercado Roma 0 1472
Demo VideoIn this project we are going to display the LED brightness on a LCD 16×2 with progress bar.Materials:gizDuino LIN (Arduino UNO), USB cable2  x 10k Ohms Potentiometer1  x  Red LED 5mm1  x  22..
28 Aug Memory Game
Mercado Roma 0 1124
Demo VideoIn this project we will create a simple game to test your memory.Materials:gizDuino LIN (Arduino UNO), USB cable8  x 220 ohms resistor 1/4W4  x LED 5mm (1- Yellow, 2-Green, 1- Red)4  x  Push..
27 Aug Poor’s Man Oscilloscope
Mercado Roma 0 954
DEMO VIDEOIn this project we will create a simple oscilloscope, using only the gizDuino LIN.To start with, download processing software version 2 from software is f..
27 Aug Motion Detector
Mercado Roma 0 1103
Demo VideoIn this project we will create a simple circuit with the gizDuino LIN and PIR motion sensor that can detect movement.Materials:PIR Motion DetectiongizDuino LIN (Arduino UNO)1 – Red LED 5mm3 ..
04 Jul PBOT2018 and Ardublock – IR Collision sensors
Mercado Roma 0 1327
Updated: 5/17/21COLLISION SENSORS SECTIONS:COL1 - right IR sensor U7 and D19 COL2 - center IR sensor U6 and D18 COL3 - left IR sensor U5 and D17PROPER UPLOADING:Press and Hold the SYS RST (SW3) then..
04 Jul PBOT2018 on ArduBlock – Controlling Servo Motors
Mercado Roma 0 1355
Updated: 5/17/21SERVO MOTORS SECTIONS:P3 : SERVO 1 P4 : SERVO 2 P5 : SERVO 3 P6 : SERVO 4 PROPER UPLOADING:Press and Hold the SYS RST (SW3) then switch ON the Power (SW1) and Click Upload. Release SYS..
03 Jul PBOT2018 and Ardublock – Line tracking sensors
Mercado Roma 0 1847
Updated: 5/17/21LINE SENSORS SECTIONS:P7 - Connections for 3ch line sensors LN3,LN2,LN1 - LED Indicators for line sensorGND - Yellow wire, DRV - Brown wire, LN3 - Orange wire, LN2 - Red wire, LN1 - Re..
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