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26 Jun Setting Up your Arduino IDE with Ardublock & eGizmo PBOT2018 Library
Mercado Roma 0 4367
Updated: 11/17/20Downloads:1. Arduino IDE Software with gizDuino Boards Choose here!2. ArduBlock MOD : New release - ardublock - 111320.zipNote: For new release it has already in ArduBlockTool Fol..
26 Jun PBOT2018 with ArduBlocks – Controlling Motors
Mercado Roma 0 1647
Updated: 5/17/21MOTOR DRIVER SECTION:MOTOR CONNECTIONS:Left Motor:Blue Wire [1A] - (B), Yellow Wire [1B] - (U) Right Motor: Black Wire [2B] - (B), Green Wire [2A] - (U)| Top View                      ..
25 Jun PBOT 2018 Entry Level Mobile Robot Controller – Introduction
Mercado Roma 0 1561
PBOT 2018 Entry Level Mobile Robot Controller – IntroductionFeatures:Operates on single Lithium Ion (included) batteryEfficient Motor Driver Circuitry enables the operation of motor to its maximum pow..
22 Jun gizDuino LIN: Configuring LIN Physical Interface
Chua Henry 0 1286
LIN Network is a robust serial communication protocol and physical interface used mainly in automobile devices. It can be used as well to implement a reliable communication connection between two or m..
21 Jun gizDuino Temperature Sensor LM35 and LM34
Mercado Roma 0 1193
Review:What is LM35 Temperature sensor?A temperature sensor is a device which is designed specifically to measure the hotness or coldness of an object. The LM35 series are precision integrated-circuit..
21 Jun gizDuino Buzzer
Mercado Roma 0 1718
Review:What is a Buzzer?A buzzer or beeper is an audio signalling device, which may be mechanical, electromechanical, or piezoelectric (piezo for short). Typical uses of buzzers and beepers include al..
21 Jun gizDuino UHF Standard Data Transceiver Tutorial
Mercado Roma 0 1680
A Multi-channel UHF Data Transceiver designed as a UART wireless cable operating baudrate 9600bps, half duplex, no hardware handshake mode. As long as your data packet does not exceed 96 bytes. Using ..
21 May (P-BOT) How to control the Motors?
Mercado Roma 0 600
THE MOTOR DRIVER CIRCUITMOTOR PIN CONNECTIONSD10 M1DIR Motor 1 Direction Control Digital I/O 8D11 M1RUN Motor 1 Run Control Digital I/O 9D12 M2RUN Motor 2 Run Control Digital I/O 10D13 M2DIR Motor 2 D..
18 May Guidelines for Using gizDuino LIN 5V Power Output
Chua Henry 0 3276
The Arduino and gizDuino boards have on-board 5V regulators whose output is also made available for the shield adds on. gizDuino even has a special 4-pin 5V port that can be used to power off board co..
20 Apr gizDuino LIN-UNO Sneak Preview
Chua Henry 1 1783
Introducing gizDuino LINgizDuino LIN is the latest of our ever growing Arduino compatible controller platform. It uses the same micro controller as the Arduino Uno R3 (ATMEGA328P + LIN SOC), and is 10..
04 Apr E-GRA Robot Arm with Keypad Controller Programming Example
Mercado Roma 0 3082
E–Gizmo Robotic Arm Keypad Controller with gizDuino ATmega328 UNO (Project Making)An Entry Level Robotic Arm for Pick N’ PlaceWorks with USB (**5V Input Supply), additional features 4 suction caps tha..
04 Apr gizDuino board in Ardublock
Mercado Roma 0 2498
Ardublock is a Graphical Programming Language for Arduino. It is designed to construct physical computing program with Arduino for beginners. Rather than making your own code from the sketch, here you..
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