Kids can program robots.

Parents, if you find that statement incredulous, modern technology may have left you far behind. Of course, your kids can program robots. What is just missing is a robot they will program. But I perfectly understand that this is easier said than done. Programmable robots could be pretty expensive. Our standard of living are not receptive enough even for small luxuries, like an iPhone, hence buying a programmable robot for kids might just be a far fetch idea. Even when buying one for them could someday inspire them to become scientists, engineers, or a technopreneur.

That thought just sounded too bad for us. That's why we worked hard to build a programmable robot that can unlock the geek potential that is trapped in you (and your kids), yet,  is easy on your pocket

Introducing, Kto12 Mobile Robot

It may not look like a robot you see in the Terminator and Star Wars movie, but it is a robot, nonetheless. It can be programmed to move, make noises, and do some moves in response to the surroundings. This class of entry level mobile robot are affectionately referred to in the robotics community as Mobots - just a simple fusion of the MObile and roBOT word. Geeks love doing that.

The Kto12 Mobot may be simple, but it ain't no slouch. It is fitted with the following sensors that can make it aware to its surroundings:

  1. Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - Measure its distance from objects in front of it.
  2. Vibration Sensor - It will know it it hits something or something hits it, or if it fell (hopefully short fall) .
  3. Light sensor - It can sense how bright (or dark) around him.
  4. Sound Sensor - It can also sense if it is quiet or noisy. Your kids can program it to recognize sound pattern and functions accordingly. For example, if you kid is smart enough, he/she can program the Mobot to pull out the plug every time he hears your stereo play a Frank Sinatra. Just kidding. Or maybe I'm not. :-)
  5.  A TWI port allows you want to add more sensors. A magnetic compass sensor, maybe?
  6. A wireless Bluetooth Port- You can add a bluetooth module (sold separately) if your kids advance enough to want to wirelessly control the Kto12 Mobot from a smartphone or a PC.

In addition to the sensors, it is equipped with the following devices so that your kids can program it to do things:

  1. Motor - there is a pair of motor to make it move from point A to B, or do some stunts.
  2. Big LED headlights - kids can program it to turn ON or OFF with a specific pattern.
  3. Loudspeaker - A toy is not a toy if it does not make noises. We provide a library of sound effects your kids can use. It can also also speak with a limited set of words.
  4. More LEDs - let your kid's imagination find use on these.

The Kto12 Mobot is powered by a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. That means, you do not have to worry about spending tons of money buying batteries.  If the Mobot runs out of power, simply recharge it using your phone's charger. A truly money saving feature. 

Programming the Kto12 Mobot

Programming also takes a kiddie aproach. Instead of having to hide under a creepy hoodie while typing some incomprehensible words, Kto12 Mobot is programming is done by assembling a set of graphical blocks, very much like solving a jigsaw puzzle. These blocks can be connected in myriad of ways to enable you and your kids to make the Kto12 Mobot to do some tasks, and behave to your liking. This great programming tool was developed by David Li and He Qichen and gave it to the world as a free open source tool. We built and added a number of this blocks* (libraries) specially made for Kto12 to enable you to do a lot more with your Mobot.

Parents and kids can program Robots!

ArduBlocks by David Li and He Qichen

Learn more about Ardublocks (website).

Click to go to > Kto12 EDUBOT Product Page

Manual Guide

Kto12BOT Manual

ArduBlock Installer with Kto12 BOT blocks

For new release click here!

<Supporting Documents directory> Updates!

PATH should be like this.


Note: For new release it has already in ArduBlockTool Folder where can easily add to Arduino IDE tools folder, instead of adding to My documents (EZ)

For manually placing the jar file, just follow the instructions

1. Go to My Documents

2. Open the Arduino folder>tools

3. Create New Folder ArduBlockTool and another tools folder inside of it.

4. Place the ardublock.jar (Note: Make sure its Executable Jar File).

5. Also you need to add the eGizmo_Kto12BOT library to

       Arduino 1.8.8 Folder>libraries. OR My Documents>Arduino>libraries.

6. Now Open the Arduino IDE. (Any Arduino IDE version will do).

Video: Programming with Ardublocks

*Hidden under these graphical blocks are complex set of codes that gives detailed instructions to the Mobot what to do.