Update: 4/29/2020

Alright!, Let's make it simple.. It's Python language. What? Python?
Its' p-y-t-h-o-n. That's why i just share it with you
how to program gizDuino with python in just 4 steps.

Here's the site (Reference link) realpython.com/arduino-python
(Please visit the site to understand more about Arduino-Python... Thank you!)

"What Arduino does is also what gizDuino can do".
I used gizDuino LIN-UNO (ATmega328P) with PL2303 Driver on this blog Tutorial.

1. Install Python

Visit Web: python.org (Download here)
a. Once you download the exe file and install it.
b. Click "Start" window by Type "run" [enter] and type "cmd".
c. Type "pip --version", here we are just checking if there's an existing Pip installed.
If there's a pip installed, proceed to #4.
If none, follow the instructions here[link].go to this site install it [link].
d. You can update the pip on the command window. Type "python -m pip install -U pip".
Wait until it successfully installed.

2. Uploading Arduino Firmata

Open the Arduino IDE 1.8.10 or later.
Connect gizDuino LIN-UNO to your PC.
Select board. Tools > boards > Arduino Uno/Genuino Uno
Select comport. Tools > port > COM#
Go to File > Examples > find the Firmata library > Select the StandardFirmata
Click Upload.

3. Create new .py file

Here's the simple way..
Go to your Desktop, Right-Click > New > Text Document (blank).
Rename the text file to "test.py". The icon will change to python file.
Put the cursor on test.py, right-click > Edit with IDLE > Select Edit with IDLE 3.8 (32-bit)
First, type "from pyfirmata import Arduino, util"
then Run > Run Module F5.

Python 3.8.2 Shell will run.

If error message occurred:
Go back to test.py.

type the following (see the image below):

Again Run module F5.
In Python Shell, its now collectiing pyfirmata... wait until successfully installed pyfirmata-1.1.0 pyserial-3.4
(See the Image below)

4. Uploading the Blink Example Sketch

Now that you already installed the pyfirmata and pyserial. Let's try to blink LED on board.
Type the following in order in python language: (See the image below)

Once, you type the board = pyfirmata.Arduino('COM#"). The gizDuino board or the external component will connect.
Continue typing until the last line of the code. Press [Enter] twice to upload the program.
You will see the Digital Pin 13 is blinking every 1 sec.

"I use python to upload this program faster than arduino ide. I'm just saying.. so try it too!"

Learn more about Arduino-Python go to realpython.com/arduino-python