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Want to monitor your room temperature or other places in your house/office> If yes, install the eTempMonitoring app, it can easily get the data via wireless connections. Of course you need the following materials.

Materials used

1 x NodeMCU ESP8266 module
1 x NodeMCU Backplane
1 x DHT 11 breakout board
3 x 1-pin Jumper Wire F-F 20cm
Its only P 371.50 (of all the items above)
Provide other materials such as
1 x USB Cable Type A - micro B
1 x WLAN Router

Illustration Diagram


- Set your router gateway to port 80 and subnet

Wiring Diagram

DHT11 to NodeMCU

See the Illustration Diagram
VCC to 3V
OUT to D5
For Power Supply:
Use USB type A - microUSB

Uploading the Arduino Sketch
1. Open Arduino IDE 1.8.13 or latest.
2. Add the HomeAutomation and DHT Library.(Download here)
2. Open the TempReading.ino then modify some line of codes in SSID, and PASSWORD sections
Note: Do not change the default IP address because this will be the ip communication for Temperature Monitoring app on your mobile phone.

The code

About the app

Install the etempmonitoring app (apk download here)

From your phone go to your Settings> Wifi settings> connect to your ssid and password.
Now OPEN the apps (Actually you do not need to type or anything the ip address, it just automatically connected)
Here's behind the mobile application.

Click REFRESH button to update the display.

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