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IC Sensors

Brand: ST
Original ST Precision Temperature Sensor.The LM135, LM235, LM335 are precision temperature sensors which can be easily calibrated. They operate as a 2-terminal Zener and the breakdown voltage is directly proportional to the absolute temperature at 10mV/°K. LM235 is the extended temperature version o..
Rated Current: 75A AC/DCLinear Range: +/- 225ANominal Output Voltage: 4V @ RL=10KHysteresis Error: +/- 35mV maxLinearity: +/- 1%Supply Voltage: +/- 15VDC +/1 5%Supply Current: +/-12mAThermal Drift: +/- 0.05%/COperating Temperature: -15C to +80CWeight: 28gPinout:1: +15V2: -15V3: Vout4: 0V..
Brand: LEM
HLSR50-P is a precision industrial-grade AC/DC current sensor that can operate on a +5V single supply source.- Low Offset and Drift- Single Supply +5V- 50A Nominal, 125A peak- Voltage output 16mV/A 800mV peak- Frequency Range 0-400kHz (-3dB)- Accuracy @ 25C +/- 1%..
Brand: ST
1.5A Constant Current LED DriverVin: Up to 40VPWNM Dimming Pin Package/Image: PowerSO-8..
AC/DC Hall Effect Current Sensor hi Accuracy Package/Image: SOICW-16..
AC/DC 6A Current Sensor120kHz, 100mV/AHall Effect Current Sensor Package/Image: SOICW-16..
AC/DC 25A Current Sensor120kHz, 18.5mV/AHall Effect Current Sensor Package/Image: SOICW-16..
.Current Sensor 20A 11 mA, 120 kHz, Package/Image: TSOP-24..
20A AC/DC Hall effect Current Sensor Package/Image: QSOP-24..
Relative Pressure Sensor 0-1 barHigh Accuracy Ratiometric Pressure sensorMEMs, Analog output and digital SENT protocol..
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