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Optoelectronics Sensors

The TCST1103 is a transmissive sensor that include an infrared emitter and phototransistor,located face-to-face on the optical axes in a leaded packagewhich blocks visible light.Emitter:Forward Current: 60mA max.Forward Voltage: 1.25V @ 60mAOutput:Vceo: 70VIc peak: 200mACTR: 20% typ.Collector Curren..
Brand: Everlight
MPN: Everlight PT19-21C/L41/TR8Vce0: 30VDCCollector Current: 20mA max.Dark Current: 100nAWavelength: 940nmPower: 75mW max.Package: SMD 0603..
Hi speed Hi sens PIN photodiode 2 pin..
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